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Sifat Mustahil Para Nabi

Impossible Properties of the Prophets – [dot] co

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - A trait which is not possible (impossible) possessed by a Prophet there are four characteristics. As for...
Aida Begic, Bosnian filmmaker defending orphans

Aida Begic, Bosnian filmmaker defending orphans

"I was a teenager when Sarajevo was attacked. So, I recognized myself, my friends, my family on the faces of Syrian children, "said Aida Begic to Daily Sabah (18/06 2017) when interviewed by her latest film Never Leave Me . 19659002] Aida was indeed involved in this film. He lives with refugee children who are orphaned and / or stranded and listens to their stories. "These children, and their families are my heroes. They taught me about power, about courage, about love, "he added.
Semangat Persaudaraan dalam Asian Games 2018

Efforts of Politicization of Alfateka Jokowi and Important Advice of Muhammad Ali

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - Alfatihah was suddenly viral in the last few days. Borrowing the term Ahmad Khadafi (my colleague at IAIN Surakarta), people suddenly...
Lies of Ratna Sarumpaet and Four Psychological Motivations Behind It

Tabayyun: Dismantling the Power of the Fascist in the Ratna Sarumpaet Hoaks

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - The noise about Ratna Sarumpaet's hoax news that had taken place over the past few days was enough to capture the...
Mengapa Allah SWT Tidak Langsung Mengabulkan Doa Kita? Ini Jawabannya!

Pray Always Look Up, This Is The Reason

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - As humans, we often ask everything. The questions also vary, from simple and trivial questions, to complex and important questions. The...
Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, Siapa Dia?

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, Who is he?

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - If you want to see stubborn parents, look at Abu Bakar Ba'asyir. Its fragile physique is gnawed at by age, but...
Kisah Rasulullah SAW dan Ibu Susuannya, Halimah as-Sa’diyah

The story of the Prophet Muhammad and his mother Susuan, Halimah as-Sa'diyah

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - Halimah as-Sa'diyah is one of the real manifestations of 'nymphs' on earth. He came from Ta'if, the tribe of the bani...
Difference Between Opinion and Interpretation of the Koran

Difference Between Opinion and Interpretation of the Koran

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - The Koran is like a sun which illuminates the contents of the earth's jurors and can be witnessed by billions...
Kisah Kecerdikan Ratu Balqis

The ingenuity story of Queen Balqis – co

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - When hearing the name Balqis, what was reflected in our minds was the ruler of the State of Saba, the owner...
Menonton Film Porno Saat Sepi, Ini Balasannya!

Watching Porn Movies When Lonely, This is the Reply!

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID - In an era of increasingly sophisticated technological development, humanity is increasingly easy to access various kinds of digital content. They can...


PBNU Minta Umat Islam Ikuti Kesuksesan Nabi dalam Bidang Ekonomi

ARRAHMAH.CO.ID Jakarta, Sekretaris Jenderal Pengurus Besar Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) H Helmy Faishal Zaini meminta umat Islam untuk lebih banyak yang bergerak di bidang...