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As human beings, work becomes a necessity that must be lived by every one of us in this world. However, it should be remembered that living on this earth is not just a matter of working for a living for the family alone. Humans, especially Muslims, in addition to work are also obliged to perform obligatory worship to Allah SWT.

In addition, Muslims are also asked to always pray for all the endeavors they have lived while living in the world. Prayer is a medium to draw closer to Allah SWT, as well as to affirm that all our efforts will never succeed without the intervention and destiny of Allah SWT.

Therefore, in each of our daily activities, we should always pray for safety. by Allah Swt. The following is one of the prayers that are recommended so that all our daily routines run smoothly and be given obedience. worshiped besides Allah the One and Only. There is no ally for Him. His all power and all praise. He is the Almighty over all things. ” a day as many as a hundred times, then he will get good as good as freeing ten servants of the dangerous. He will also get a hundred other goodness and get rid of one hundred kinds of evil from him. He was preserved that day from the devil's disturbance. No one is better than him except those who do more charity.

Source: Kitab Al-Adzkar Translation Imam An-Nawawi, p. 43

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