Beranda doa Remembrance After Performing Salat |

Remembrance After Performing Salat |

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As Muslims, we have the obligation to perform five daily prayers every day. This service must be fulfilled because prayer is part of the pillars of Islam. There are many readings of prayer and dhikr which are recommended to be read after performing the obligatory prayer. Among the dhikr-dhikr, the most recommended is the chant below.

اللهم أنت السلام ومنك السلام وإليك يعود السلام فحينا ربنا بالسلام وأد خلن الجنة دار السلام تبركت ربنا وتعا ليت ياذالجلال والأ كرام

“O Allah, You are peace and from You peace, to You peace will return, then raise us O God with peace, and enter us into a haven of peace. You are Holy and Most High, O our Lord who has greatness and glory

It is narrated from Tsauhan r.a. that when the Prophet finished his obligatory prayer, the Prophet always uttered istighfar three times and read Allahumma antassalam, wa minka salam, wailaika ya'udussalam, fahayyina rabbana bissalam, wa adkhilnal jannata darassalam, tabarakta rabbana wata'alaita ya dzaljalali wal ikram . (Narrated by Muslim)

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Source: Kitab Al-Adzkar Imam An-Nawawi, p. 199-200

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