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one of the Central Muhammadiyah leaders regretted the rampant elements of the mubalig who often used religious theorems as justifiers for his group and then considered a different group from him. “Such an attitude often triggers sensitivity between groups in the community,” said Sukriyanto AR as Chair of the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership and Cultural Arts Institute (LSBO), in Yogyakarta, Thursday (07/04/2019).

According to Sukriyanto, studying Islam can't be halfway. Need comprehensive learning to discover the essence of essential Islam. “Learning Islam must be intact, so that Islam can be implemented as a religion of love and friendliness. Because religion functions not only as a judge who decides halal and haram or is wrong and right, “he said.

Therefore, according to Sukriyanto, Muhammadiyah needs to have and sow preachers who have intact religious insight. “Muhammadiyah needs to prepare a fully religious preacher, and be supported by knowledge insights in other fields of science,” he said as reported by the Muhammadiyah website.

also must be integrated with other sciences. It is important that the preaching done is not narrow. “So, the preaching carried out is not monotonous and narrow,” he continued.

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In addition, according to him, the propagation method besides sourced from the sources of the Koran and Al-Hadith, can also be obtained from local customs, culture and wisdom. does not violate the rules of Islam. “When people have a broad view, the attitude of tasamuh will appear to them,” he concluded.

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