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Islam in Indonesia is known to the world as a peaceful, friendly and tolerant Islam towards various differences. The hospitality of Indonesian Muslims and the characteristics of moderate and open Muslims make Indonesian Islam an inspiration for global civilization. In fact, the style of Indonesian Islam has been widely adopted by Muslim countries in various conflict countries, with the hope that Islam, rahmatan lil 'alamin is here to resolve existing problems.

Why Indonesian Islam is present in reality history as a peaceful and moderate Islam? It's all nothing else because peace has actually become the breath and struggle of the Indonesian people. According to Indonesian Muslim scholar Ulil Abshar Abdallah, Islam grew in Indonesia along with the characteristics of a peace-loving Indonesian society.

According to him, peace has become a historical fact of Indonesian society. “Peace as a word has become a part and become a breath of life for everyday Muslims,” ​​said Gus Ulil Abshar Abdalla while speaking at the Nusantara 1945 Summit at The Media Hotel and Towers, Jalan Gunung Sahari, Central Jakarta , Saturday (6/22).


According to Ulil, peace cannot be realized in Indonesia without the contribution of Indonesian Muslims as the largest Muslim, not only in Indonesia, but also throughout the world. The characteristics of Muslims who are moderate and love peace are the key to Indonesia's peace and serenity. “I firmly answer that Muslims in Indonesia are able to create Muslim peace in Indonesia,” he said.

He also added, the contribution of Islam in Indonesia is not only in terms of realizing peace, but also contributing greatly to world civilization. In addition, Islam in Indonesia has a large role for women. The proof, since a long time ago, Muslim women in Indonesia could express thoughts and works for the nation and religion.

Unlike in the Middle East, Muslim women in the desert country were considered still relatively limited both in thought and activity. “Islam developed here, Islam is very peaceful. Islam is very peaceful but also Islam which gives a very big role to women, “he concluded.

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