Beranda Berita Gus Mus: Thank God for Living with Humanity

Gus Mus: Thank God for Living with Humanity

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Humans are God's most perfect creatures compared to other creatures of God. We should be grateful for this gift as the highest form of human servitude to the Creator of the universe. One form of gratitude that can be done is by humanizing humans, namely seeing all humans as equals, and not discriminating between one another.

According to KH Ahmad Mustofa Bisri or familiarly called Gus Mus, humans are unique creatures that given an extraordinary gift by Allah SWT. Because humans are given the ability by Him to think, and choose what is good and what is bad. That ability is not given to other beings.

“Humans are perfect beings, can feel, think, and choose which are good and bad. The way to be grateful is to be and take care of our humanity, ”said the Caregiver of Raudlatut Thalibin Leteh Rembang Islamic Boarding School in Central Java while attending Halal Bi Halal at the Islamic Boarding School in Sabilurrosyad Gasek Malang, East Java, Friday (21/06). Mus also added that Muslims in Indonesia should be grateful for another gift from Allah SWT for being given a way of destiny as a Muslim. Islam that appears in the Arabian Peninsula, and has been present for thousands of years, is able to flourish and flourish in Indonesia. “We who are more than a thousand years from the age of the Kanjeng Nabi, and there is no kinship thank God for being a Muslim,” he concluded.

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