Beranda Tokoh Islam Gus Mus Gus Mus: The Beauty of Religion Is Morals

Gus Mus: The Beauty of Religion Is Morals

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KH Mustofa Bisri or familiar with the greeting of Gus Mus gave a message to always spread beautiful Islam through noble character. Muslims are specifically asked to display friendly behavior in accordance with the noble mission of Islam itself, namely Islam which teaches peace and friendliness to all humans even all creatures of the universe.

As usual Gus Mus is known as a Kiai who not only preaches in various studies in the community only, but Gus Mus also often gives a message of wisdom through social media. One of the messages that Gus Mus reminded was the obligation for a Muslim to always display akhlakul karimah in everyday life.

According to Gus Mus, if it cannot yet display beautiful Islam, at least as Muslims, to tarnish the name of Islam with despicable behavior. Therefore, every Muslim should display noble character and try to avoid all forms of bad behavior.

“Let's try to bring the beauty of our religion through our behavior. If you can't, at least don't tarnish it, “Gus Mus wrote in his Twitter account.

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