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False news made to manipulate others is a very dangerous crime. Because, fake information used to fool this person is not only dangerous for the makers and spreaders, but also can threaten the situation that has been knitting and become the social reality of the people of Indonesia. Therefore, all elements of society should jointly fight false news.

That was what was reminded by Bogor Regency Nahdlatul Ulama activist Ahmad Fahir at the inauguration of the NU Kemang Branch, Bogor Regency, Thursday (28/3). According to him, the false news has undermined the robustness of community unity and unity. For example, in the last few days the community easily hated each other because of different political choices.

Even though all this time the Indonesian people were accustomed to differences. However, since false news is often made by irresponsible parties, the social condition of the community becomes very sensitive. Especially with the ease of information spread on social media and difficult to verify the truth. “Hoaks must be resisted because it makes the community involved and takes care of the joints of the life of the nation and state,” he said. That is because NU has always been steadfast in its stance to protect the NKRI. while groups that often spread hoaxes wanted the separation of the NKRI. “NU and moderate figures are the main targets of the spread of hoaxes by groups who want to destroy the NKRI,” he said.

This reality, according to Fahir, should make the Indonesian people unite together to fight hoaxes. There is no place in this country for those who want to want the NKRI to be divided. The community generally loves the NKRI and is always committed to maintaining the integrity of this nation. “This is very dangerous. We must fight together, “he concluded.

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