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in a relatively close time, the 2019 General Election will soon be held on April 17, 2019. This democratic party is expected to be a place of joy for the community because the General Election is actually a celebration of difference. Therefore, despite different political choices, elections must go peacefully in order to maintain the unity and unity of the Indonesian nation.

The caretaker of Darussalam Bunten Islamic Boarding School, Cirebon, West Java, KH TB Ahmad Rifqi said that anyone elected in the 2019 presidential election is the nation's best son must be fully supported. He asked the community to channel their choices. “For this reason, the ulama and Kiai Buntet invited the Indonesian people in particular to participate in the success of the General Election by exercising their right to vote on April 17,” said the Muqadam of the Tijaniyah Congregation, Friday (29/3).

can walk peacefully and smoothly. This is important because the unity and unity of the nation is above other interests. “Hopefully this 2019 Election can run safely and peacefully, the nation's elite can also prioritize the unity and interests of the nation by accepting whatever results the KPU's decision will later be announced,” he concluded.

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