Beranda Kiai Said: Don't Religion Experts Don't Talk Religion

Kiai Said: Don't Religion Experts Don't Talk Religion

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In recent developments, there are many people who are not religious experts talking about religion in public. Not only in the religious pulpit, but in social media there are also many lectures that are not in accordance with religious teachings. In the lowest standards, at least religious experts are those who have received education in boarding schools.

In line with this, according to the Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Nahdlatul Ulama, Prof. Dr. KH Said Aqil Siroj, the public should be proportional when they want to speak religion. Kiai Said likens someone who only has knowledge on Google about medicine, it is impossible to become a doctor. Likewise with religious issues. At a minimum, those who have religious speaking qualifications are those who have had Islamic boarding school education.

“Let's be professional and proportional. Those who are not religious experts do not talk about religion. The technology experts let technocrats talk, talk politically, politicians, and so on. Please those who are not religious experts do not talk about religion, “explained Kiai Said in the Najwa Shihab Chanel Youtube account.

The Cirebon cleric also reminded that religious experts must understand the rules in the Koran and Hadith sciences. Because, if only with knowledge of translation alone, it is likely that errors will occur. Because, the translation is not always in accordance with the context of a verse or hadith of the Prophet. “The religious expert understands asbabun nuzul, riwayah and dirayah, anwa'ul ayat. Hadith mutawatir, masyhur, aziz, shohih, hasan, “said Kiai Said.

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According to Kiai Said, one example of a person who is not a religious expert is passionate when he wants to speak religion. As if speaking loudly is jihad and passion in carrying out religion. In fact, people who are truly passionate about religion should always learn as deeply and broadly as possible to study religion according to the guidance of the scholars. “Jihad is interpreted loudly. Jihad builds goodness. Jihad consolidates the community, “he concluded.

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