Beranda Indonesia Is Not a Land of Radicalism |

Indonesia Is Not a Land of Radicalism |

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Indonesia is known as a country that has a friendly, tolerant and tolerant population. The cultural tradition of local wisdom-based society has taken root, both in religious practice and in the social life order. This condition makes Indonesia relatively safe from the spread of radicalism. Although it is undeniable that some small groups of radicalism have infiltrated the archipelago, the radicalism movement will never flourish in the archipelago.

In line with that, according to Professor of the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra, community The archipelago is full of tolerance to make the Nusantara Land open to a variety of differences. Such conditions also affect the viscosity of moderate Muslims in Indonesia. “Indonesian culture is a culture that always emphasizes tolerance, not win-win itself. This wasathiyah Islam then met Indonesian culture, “said Azyumardi while speaking at the Option Program with KH Said Aqil Siroj on Metro TV, Monday (25/3).

Azyumardi regretted that some small groups often use radical methods. in the name of religion. This group usually claims for religious glory. Even though in fact, the development of Islam in Indonesia is very message. In fact, Islamic educational institutions are flourishing and growing. “Builders are developing, pesantren are growing steadily, the numbers are increasing, both public and Islamic universities are also increasing, both state and private sector continues to grow,” he explained. Indonesia. In addition to the strong nature of Indonesian Muslims, even since Islam first spread in the archipelago, Indonesia has world-class Islamic figures who have so much work and contribution to the development of moderate Muslims in Indonesia. “Indonesian Islam is not a fertile place for radicalism,” he concluded.

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