Ternyata Rasulullah Saw dan Para Sahabat Juga Ikut Lomba Olahraga Loh


When someone sneezes, we are encouraged to answer [tasmit] with a prayer “yarhamukumullah” which means “may Allah bless you”. Prophet SAW said:

إذا عطس أحدكم فليقل الحمد لله وليقل له أخوه أو صاحبه يرحمك الله فإذا قال له يرحمك الله فليقل يهديكم الله ويصلح بالكم

“When one of you sneezes, he should say” Thank God ” . While his brother should say “yarhamukullah”. If his brother says “yarhamukumullah” then he should say “yahdikumullah wa yushlih baalakum”. (Narrated by Bukhari).


In another hadith it is also explained that Allah SWT likes someone who sneezes and then praises Allah SWT. Because according to the medical method, sneezing someone can remove bacteria and viruses in the nose. Therefore, someone who sneezes is highly recommended to become an expression of gratitude to Allah SWT. Then, a friend who hears or sees a person sneezing is encouraged to answer with lafadz prayer “yarhamukumullah”, and need to be underlined that answering sneeze someone with his legal prayer is obligatory because it belongs to fellow Muslim

Once upon a time, in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad there were two men who were sitting near the Prophet Muhammad. One of them is greater than the other. someone who was more powerful than the two of them suddenly sneezed and he was not martyrdom. The Messenger of Allāh mendengar who heard he sneezed was silent, did not answer and pray for him. Then, not long after, a mediocre person between them sneezed, then became a martyr, and the Messenger of Allāh serta answered and prayed for him.

The great person between them asked the Prophet Muhammad? O Messenger of Allah, why did you not answer and pray when I sneezed? Even though I'm more powerful than him (pointing to his ordinary sitting companion). The Messenger of Allāh “answered” how do I pray for you while you do not praise Allah SWT after you sneeze “

Then, what is the condition if there are people who sneeze until more than three times sneeze at one time. How is the prayer? Is it the same as the lafadz prayer “yarhamukumullah”? Rasulullah SAW said:

إذا عطس أحدكم فليشمته جليسه فإن زاد على الثلاثة فهو مزكوم ، ولا تشمته بعد الثلاث

“If one of you sneezes then bertymymlah nearby, if (sneezing) more than three times then he is having a cold, and do not meditate if sneezing more than three times. (Narrated by Bukhari)

Based on the hadith, it is not advisable to recite “yarhamukumullah” to answer the praise of someone who is sneezing. Because if more than three, it shows that the person is not well. So it is recommended to pray for it as a healing prayer for the sick, that is to answer with the prayer lafadz “syafakallahu” or “syafakumullahu” (may Allah SWT give you health).

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