<pre>Prohibition of Campaigns in Places of Worship, Bawaslu Jepara Invites NU Kiai to Monitor Elections



To succeed in organizing a democratic party on April 17, 2019, the move of the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) of Jepara Regency in grounding the supervision of legislative elections and the Presidential and Vice-President Elections in 2019 has been intensified.

One of the methods carried out by the Jepara Election Supervisory Board is to conduct participatory supervision of NU figures and scholars, on Friday (3/15) at the Nep Jepara Building, Jalan Pemuda 51.


Bawaslu Commissioner Jepara Abdul Kalim conveyed oversight socialization activities The purpose of this participatory is to invite clerics and nadzir mosques together with Bawaslu to supervise elections, especially at the campaign stage. He also said that the campaign in places of worship was part of electoral violations.

“In carrying out oversight of the 2019 Election, Bawaslu involved NU leaders and the mosque to work together to conduct participatory supervisors,” he explained.

This means, he continued, we must play an active role in supervising at each stage of the general election, especially during the campaign stage, so that no place of worship is used as the location of the campaign, because it is prohibited by law.

He further said that the community component was involved as a participatory supervisor. will be able to provide information to the Election Supervisory Committee, whether information on suspected violations or other matters is not in accordance with Election legislation.

“Participatory supervisors are an important part of the community in assisting election supervision, so we hope that the public can provide initial information of violations to Bring slu, “he explained.

Katib Syuriyah PCNU Jepara, KH Kharis Rohman revealed, the Bawaslu of Jepara Regency had carried out its duties as a supervisor well.

However, the benchmarks for the success of the General Election are not only the responsibility of the organizers, but the community also plays an important role in participating in the election's success. Therefore the role of the kiai and nadzir in actively participating in conducting election oversight is to be expected.

“The kiai and nadzir have an important role and are responsible for the success of the Election. Therefore, we as religious leaders must actively participate in becoming participatory supervisors, especially guarding the place worship to not be used as a campaign space “he explained. ( Zaen Kamal / Muiz )


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