<pre>Successful Development, Umara and Ulama Must Continue Hand in Hand


Solidity of all elements of society is needed to build a region. Umara as the determinant and implementer of the policy must be able to collaborate with all elements to actively participate in realizing development oriented for the common benefit.

In this case, development is not only physical. Mental spiritual development is also very important to be prioritized. So that Umara must join ulama as a strategic partner in realizing superior spiritual mentality of the people.

This was said by the Chairman of the Pringsew Regency Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), KH KH Hambali, on Saturday (3/16) concerning the importance of umara and ulama hand for regional development towards the benefit of the world and the hereafter. “19659003” Regent Pringsewu H. Sujadi often stated that building the road was important. But it was also important to build a road building, “said Kiai Hambali who is also the Deputy Chairperson of Pringsewu Regency Tanfidziyah PCNU. [19659003] This statement shows that the mentality of the community must be a priority of development before realizing physical development. What does it mean if physical development is prioritized but the mentality of the community does not support development.

Therefore Kiai Hambali hopes that the Regional Government of Pringsewu Regency will continue to synergize with ulama in the development of Pringsewu Regency. MUI which is the organization and gathering place of ulama from various religious organizations is ready to assist the policies carried out for the common good.


“Hopefully this step will be able to realize Pringsewu better according to the motto of Smiling Sweet (Clean, Healthy, Economical, Comfortable, Excellent , Advanced, Independent, Safe, and Religious), “he hoped to Pringsewu Regency, which on the 3rd of April 2019 would even turn 10 years old.

During this decade of Pringsewu's life, Kiai Hambali considered that the government's development was quite good. This is evidenced by various achievements and awards that have been achieved both at provincial and national levels.

This should not make the local government complacent especially the bureaucrats who are in charge of serving the community. There are still many tasks that must be completed and dealt with not only behind the office desk.

“The mentality of bureaucrats and ASNs must also be built to truly work sincerely in serving and helping the community. It does not complicate public affairs for bureaucratic reasons,” he concluded. (Muhammad Faizin)


This Article was Published On: NU Online

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