Cara Melakukan Shalat Qabliyah dan Bakdiyah dalam Shalat Jamak


Sinful deeds are created not to be violated, but as a test for every soul who believes. Not a few people whose lives are full of acts of sin and immorality even do it every time like a favor. However, it does not mean then we are free to do anything, on the contrary we must be afraid of what we do because all must be accounted for.

Many sins are forbidden by God, but are wrapped up in a pleasure. It is not God's fault that it created, but the fault of man who cannot resist. Because amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar are the social duties of every faithful soul. In EMQ verse 79 Allah says: [19659003] ما أصابك من حسنة فمن الله وما أصابك من سيئة فمن نفسك وأرسلناك للناس رسولا وكفى بالله شهيدا [19659004] Any favors that you have received is from Allah, and whatever disasters that befalls you, then of (error) thyself . We send you to be an Apostle to all humans. And God is enough to be a witness.

In order to avoid being sinned, humans must have strong intentions and maximum effort. Because Satan will not remain silent when he sees humans on the right path. Satan has been bersumaph will continue to tease manusai from the face and from behind humans, and also from the right and left. Prophet intestate through his Hadith:


عليكم بقيام الليل, فإنه دأب الصالحين قبلكم, وهو قربة إلى ربكم, ومكفرة للسيئات, ومنهاة للإثم

Carry out the night prayer, because that is the habit of the righteous before you, a means of getting closer to God , remove errors and keep you from sinning

The Prophet taught for night prayers to fortify themselves from various types of sins. It is not easy to mengistiqamahkan night prayer, but that does not mean it is not possible. God will give way to every servant who really wants to get closer to him. Why can night prayer become a fortress? Because night prayer is not useful unless the prayer makes a person more obedient to God. People who are obedient understand the boundaries of the unlawful domain that must not be done, therefore he will be protected from sin. night with sincerity. In the prayer, he can ask Allah to keep his soul and body constantly, so that when he will commit a sin he feels fear of Allah.

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