<pre>Perpetrators of Shooting at New Zealand Mosques, One of them is a Right-Wing Terrorist



New Zealand police authorities confirmed that there were four people involved in a brutal shooting in two mosques in New Zealand on Friday (3/15) afternoon. The four people consisted of three men and one woman. They were detained by local security forces after the bloody attack. But one of them was later released.

One of the alleged perpetrators was reported to be an Australian citizen, Brenton Tarrant. Tarrant is a 28-year-old white man. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that there were citizens who were arrested in New Zealand. According to Morrison, the citizens were a violent terrorist, right-wing, extreme.


Previously, Tarrant uploaded a manifesto on social media which essentially opposed the ideology of immigrants. In the upload, Tarrant also expressed his support for white supremacy.

As reported The New Zealand Herald, Friday (3/15), Tarrent aired the brutal shooting action on Facebook's live streaming service. From the live streaming show, the original Tarrent directed the car to the nearby Al Noor Mosque at Deans Ave, Christchurch. Then he parked his car near the entrance to the mosque.

After that, Tarrent held a gun and began walking into the mosque. The first victim to be shot was someone near the entrance to the mosque. After that, the perpetrators opened fire indiscriminately towards the worshipers of men, women and children in the Al-Noor Mosque.

Then Tarrent returned to his car to get more ammunition. He then pointed his gun towards the road without a clear target. Unfortunately, he returned to the mosque to examine his surviving victims. He fired at the people inside the mosque before leaving the location.

New Zealand Police Chief Mike Bush said he had not yet known whether there were other people – other than the four – involved in the mass shooting. “We don't know yet whether there are other people (involved), but we can't assume there is no one else hanging around. Don't assume that the danger has disappeared, “Bush said, quoted from BBC page Friday (3/15).

However, besides Brenton Tarrant there is no detailed information about the identity of other actors and parties parties that might be related to the mass shooting action. It was reported that a man was charged with murder charges and will be tried on Saturday (3/16) tomorrow.

Mass shooting took place at Al Noor Mosque on Deans Ave and in another mosque on the outskirts of Linwood when local Muslims wished to hold Friday prayer . Until now, the incident left at least 49 people dead and 20 more seriously injured, including two Indonesian citizens Zulfirmansyah and her child. (Red: Muchlishon)


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