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Rabithah Ma'ahid Islamiyah (RMI) NU rolled out a new paradigm in the spirit of maintaining cleanliness in Islamic boarding schools. The santri are expected to be pioneers of cleanliness and are ready to become clean living behavior groups in their respective neighborhoods.

Chairman of the NMI Central Board of NU KH Abdul Ghoffar Rozin stressed that santri in pesantren often have bad habits, namely lack of attention to cleanliness. In fact, some of these santri believed that various skin diseases they experienced were believed to contain blessings.


This was stated when opening the Workshop My Islamic Boarding School Is Clean My Islamic Boarding School, in Al-Hikmah Ngadipurwo Islamic Boarding School, Blora, Central Java, Friday (3/15). “But this understanding is wrong. Gudiken (the name of one skin disease, red) is a blessing, this has nothing to do, “said Gus Rozin, the nickname of KH Abdul Ghoffar Rozin.

So that, with the introduction of new understanding regarding cleanliness in Islamic boarding schools, it can affirm the image of this institution as a pioneer of cleanliness. Islamic boarding school students must be able to become agents of change (agents of change) in cultivating cleanliness.

“Then, in the next three months, we will come here again. To check, whether this workshop works optimally or not, “added Gus Rozin who is also the Special Staff of the RI President in Religion.

Gus Rozin added, Workshop My Islamic Boarding School Clean My Islamic Boarding School is a collaboration between RMI NU with PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) Tbk. Cooperation between the two institutions is not the first time. In the last few agendas, these two institutions often held a thematic-themed agenda.

“In the past, we made the tagline My boarding school is awesome! and now my pesantren is clean, my pesantren is healthy. So, if it's not clean, it's not cool, “he concluded.

Representatives of PT PGN Tbk, Santiaji Gunawan welcomed the hygiene paradigm in boarding schools. The reason is that pesantren today are increasingly believed to be the pioneers of the character education of the nation's children, who not only teach religion. But also, the spirit of tolerance and diversity.

“So, when RMI NU first invited this cooperation, I immediately supported it. We as state-owned enterprises, should not only seek profits. However, we also have to support efforts like this, to cultivate a clean and healthy life, “Santiaji said.

In a release received Friday (15/3) Caregivers of Al-Hikmah Islamic Boarding School Ngadipurwo Blora, KHMA Faishol Nadjib said, the workshop lasted a full day and was attended by dozens of students from dozens of Islamic boarding schools, from the Blora area and its surroundings.

“There were thirty pesantren that sent their delegations to attend this workshop. From the Blora area, Rembang, and the starch area. Today, the opening and core events will take place tomorrow for a full day. Hopefully, this will further eradicate the image of the slums that once held in Islamic boarding schools, “said Gus Fais.

Also present at the opening [19457] Workshop My pesantren Clean this Pesantren Sehat, representatives of Blora Regency Government, Blora Police, Kodim 0721 / Blora , the village heads around the Ngantipurwo Islamic Boarding School, the pesantren delegation, and the community around the pesantren. ( Red: Mui z)

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