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The three terms in the Islamic repertoire that are often discussed are Jihad, Ijtihad and Mujahadah . It's just that the meaning of the issue of jihad is called the most experienced fraud. Instead of being interpreted as an effort to spread goodness and get God's blessing, jihad often turns into evil attitudes and behavior. This was because the meaning and implementation of jihad was not accompanied by ijtihad and mujahadah .

Islah Gusmian, Lecturer at the Ushuluddin Faculty and Surakarta IAIN Da'wah, revealed with ijtihad – which is interpreted as a genuine and maximum effort involving aspects of ratios or reason to explore Sharia law – jihad would contribute to various progress efforts. While with Mujahadah jihad will appear as an effort to ward off all forms of violence and encourage Islam which is a blessing for the universe.


Mujahadah is a spiritual struggle with various means to subjugate all forms of lust. For example: QS. Al-Ankabut: 6, “said Islah Gusmian while speaking to dozens of workshop participants [1945966] Islamic Boarding School-Based Digital Literacy held by the Islamic Boarding School Study Center (PSP) at Whiz hotel, Cilacap, Thursday (3/14). [19659003] Furthermore, Islah said Islamic boarding schools had strong capital to fortify the country from various threats of damage due to misuse of meaning and the jihad movement. The capital is a tradition of writing, publishing works produced by scholars and academic traditions which include deliberation and learning methods that prioritize limitations, not speed.

“If learning is complete, surely a Muslim will be able to Islam properly. Namely, being able to make oneself and those around them safe and comfortable. “If it can't produce it, then there is a problem with the way it is Islam,” he explained.

With the above capital, he said the pesantren is always able to provide contextual teaching, this can be seen from the various roles that have been successfully played by pesantren throughout the history of this nation. Islamic boarding schools always appear at the front guard to help guard this nation from various threats.

The workshop itself was held for 4 days from March 14-17 2019 as a series of PSP work agendas which focused on encouraging the involvement of Islamic boarding schools in spreading friendly Islam and becoming a blessing for the universe. Besides Cilacap, PSP will also hold similar activities in several other cities. Among other things, Banyuwangi and the Horseshoe, Madura, Lampung, Bali and so on. (Khoirul Anam / Zunus)


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