Islam Politik atawa Politik Kebangsaan, Pilih Mana?


Four days before the peak of the 14th Haul Guru Sekumpul on Sunday (10/3), my social media account was enlivened by the news about Ridwan, an adult male about 40 years old walking from Palangkaraya to Martapura, or rather Sekumpul. Ridwan walked hundreds of kilometers to fulfill his vows and could attend the summit of Haul, one of the great figures who is now known as KH. M. Zaini Ghani or Teacher Sekumpul.

The story of Ridwan's journey is only one of the stories about the small community interpreting his presence at the Haul Guru Sekumpul. The presence of Muslims, which is said to reach millions, in Haul does have meaning for every follower of the event. Indeed, the deepest meaning of a presence is only felt by oneself during the Haul procession.

However, the presence in the public space can be interpreted not only by personal attendance there, but also by outside aspects that can give or play a meaning the presence. Then, it is necessary to ask, what if this year's political figure or contestant for the Election is present at the Haul event?


The Meaning of Politicians

The number of haul participants who reached millions is a luxury when viewed from an electoral side, this is what causes political discussion to never subside coloring every implementation of Haul every year. However, one of the values ​​maintained in the Guru Sekumpul Haul Abah is the ban on practical political campaigns in the Sekumpul region. The organizers' resistance attitude is always emphasized every year since the initial preparation of the Haul. This value is a rule inherited by the Guru Sekumpul itself, while still alive. This prohibition caused the Sekumpul area to be sterile from anything that smelled of practical politics and lasted until now.

Yesterday in 2018, the presence of Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, was responded to differently although the vote of rejection was more dominant. But, Jokowi continued to attend with the safeguarding of the post-press standard to a minimum, even though he could not reduce the voice of rejection from the public. This year, news of the presence of Prabowo Subianto, one of the contestants for the Presidential Election, also blew up a day before the peak of the haul, although his presence was replaced by Sandiaga Uno, who was actually a Vice President candidate from Prabowo Subianto.

sterile area of ​​practical political air. The voice of rejection also arose in the community over the issue of Prabowo's presence, with the same reasoning at the time of Jokowi's presence last year, namely the desire to keep Sekumpul still sterile from practical politics so that the Haul's consciousness was maintained. The tradition of sterilization from practical politics continues to be maintained until now in various ways carried out by organizers and families until now.

The interesting fact of Haul Sekumpul is that the presence of political figures has never been rejected, as long as it does not carry political attachments attached to them. Not a few political figures attend the Haul Abah Guru Sekumpul every year. Their presence is indeed treated as a VIP guest, but there is nothing that stands out in their presence at the event, they are the same as other people as a congregation of Haul.

The meaning of direct presence at the Haul Abah Guru Sekumpul event can indeed be used as a political strategy to increase electability . But I see the direct attendance strategy is less successful, because it is influenced by two dominant things, namely the attachment of the haul congregation with the figure of Guru Sekumpul which is very influential in the religious life of the community, and the lack of supporting factors in boosting the votes.

it is indeed a complex thing, because there are many things that are interwoven in it. The presence of the figure of Guru Sekumpul in the diversity of the Banjar community still has an impact until now, even his personal memory continues to be passed down from generation to generation. Longing for the figure of Sekumpul is the dominant reason for the congregation that attends the haul of Abah Guru Sekumpul, which causes an increase every year.

Memory of resistance from Guru Sekumpul to practical politics in Sekumpul continues to be preserved and passed on to all generations. The attitude of the Sekumpul teacher gave rise to caution from the family, the organizers, and the congregation in responding to the presence of political leaders both locally and nationally. This attitude is expected to be maintained at any time by all parties, especially the family and the organizers, because they are the most decisive party in this matter of practical politics.

The place where meaning is presented and played is the community, including the issue of the presence of political figures . The presence of a figure in Haul is indeed nothing extraordinary, because every year not a few figures attend the event attended by millions of people who, if measured politically, are very tempting.

The presence of political figures in an event can leave meaning, both intentional or not, which is inserted with various creative strategies. When the family and organizers of the Haul Abah Guru Sekumpul ban the political attributes used when entering the venue, this makes the political leaders and their team have to turn their minds on how their presence at the event can still be interpreted by the community.

Mass media, whether printed or online, to social media also has a role in raising the meaning of presence in the Sekumpul Guru Haul Abah event. Through supporters and the media who carry out their duties in spreading the news about the presence of a politician, the meaning of presence can be conveyed to the entire Haul congregation including those who do not meet directly.

However, the Haul congregation is not a passive viewer of information that crams the mind they. The congregation has the ability to select and provide new meaning in the presence of these figures, therefore the presence of figures can not be meaningful at all because of the attitude of caution put forward by the congregation because they want to keep Haul sterile from political elements.

Attitude of careful worship haul cannot be generalized, but this side must be sharpened as a filter for the politics of attendance at the Guru Sekumpul Haul Abah. Because, the development of political strategies in dealing with conditions that are not conducive often results in creative techniques from politicians, which are sometimes not thought of by most people. Therefore, firmness and prudence from the family and the organizers must also be increasingly honed in the face of news that is often wrapped in a very beautiful and creative manner.

Creativity in the frame of attendance must be possessed by a political figure who wants his presence to be interpreted and influence the political choices of prospective voters. But, the minimal supporting factors in the Guru Sekumpul Haul Abah, such as not being allowed to carry a party logo or time to give a speech, indeed forced politicians and their team to turn their minds in a package that could be used as an electability booster. We can see the shrewdness of politicians in dealing with these conditions in the Sekumpul Teacher Haul Abah, for example utilizing the gray space in the haul procession by utilizing a sitting position or utilizing social media to frame his presence during the Haul process can be crammed in influencing the people's choices later.

The debate over the arrival of political figures that occurred several years ago, the maturity of the Haul congregation must continue to be put forward in order to avoid mutual blasphemy and accusation because of the presence of political constituents. Because, the presence in the physical space can be different in terms of cyberspace framing.

So it's the presence of yourself in Haul as exemplified by many congregations there, like Pak Ridwan from Palangkaraya who interpreted his presence as a manifestation of love for the teacher Sekumpul. So, avoid political presence that can erode a sense of love for the figure of the cleric and replace it with mere electoral calculations.

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