<pre>Sanad Keilmuan KH Ma'ruf Amin: From Banten to Makkah


The figure of KH Ma'ruf Amin has been known to the wider community as scholars who are experts in the field of da'wah and the science of jurisprudence. Of course behind that, he gained knowledge not from the teacher and carelessly.

In fact, he was dubbed the “Santri Kelana” who during his youth liked to learn from one place to another.

Sanad scholarship of the Ma'ruf Kiai continued with the path of the archipelago scholars who founded the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). First of all, Kiai Ma'ruf studied with his father, Kiai Muhammad Amin, who was famous as a jurist.


Kiai Amin studied in Mecca for 15 years, including taking scientific sanad from Sayyid Alawi Al-Maliki in Makkah. Kiai Amin became the teacher of many kiai around Banten, taught the book of Al-Mahalli, Tuhfah, Al-Muhadz-dzab, etc.

Then Kiai Ma'ruf studied with her grandfather from Mother, Kiai Muhammad Ramli, who took sanad his knowledge in Makkah, among others, was from Sheikh Mahfuzh At-Tarmasi, the cleric from Pacitan Tremas who was the teacher of the NU scholars. Kiai Ramli gave him a diploma of prayers which were carried out by the Kiai of Ma'ruf until now.

Then he studied briefly at the Citangkil Islamic College, Cilegon, before continuing his exploration of knowledge to Tebuireng, Jombang. After returning from Tebuireng, Kiai Ma'ruf who was still hungry for knowledge, studied in tabarrukan on three Islamic boarding schools, namely in Caringin (Labuan Pandeglang), Lightning (Serang), and Pelamunan (Serang).

After settling in Jakarta, he continued his search His knowledge was to the Kiai Ahmad Mi'an and Kiai Usman Perak at the Al-Fudlola Mosque, a historic mosque in Tanjung Priok. He also took the scientific sanad from Habib Ali bin Husein Al-Attas known as Habib Ali Bungur.

With the study of various comprehensive books, Kiai Ma'ruf had a mature provision in developing himself as a cleric. His scientific development was even acknowledged by his own father.

“If there is a teaching that a father may confide in his child, then I will be the first person who will agree with Ma'ruf,” said Kiai Amin. (M. Zidni Nafi ')

Prepared from Iip Yahya's book: KH Ma'ruf Amin, Kelana Kelri Paripurna, 2019.

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