<pre>Pilgrims of Two Mosques in New Zealand Shot, Tens of Death


Many died in the shooting at the Al Noor mosque in the center of Christchurch City, while the second shooting was at Linwood Mosque in the same suburb in New Zealand. Local media reported the number of victims between 9 and 27 people. They were shot while worshiping Friday prayers. Some people died after the shooting of the two mosques.

“He has a big weapon. He came and started shooting everyone in the mosque, everywhere, “Ahmad Al-Mahmoud, a congregation, as reported by Reuters website. He added that he and other worshipers were able to save themselves by breaking down the glass door.

In videotapes circulating widely on social media, it appears to have been taken by a gunman and posted online when the attack took place. The man entered the mosque and shot blindly. Pilgrims, perhaps dead or injured, lay curled up on the mosque floor. But the video has not been authenticated. A man who said he was at the Al Noor mosque said that the gunman was white, blond, and wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest. The man entered the mosque when the worshipers.


New Zealand media reported that between 9 and 27 people were killed. But the death toll has not been confirmed. Police said several deaths had occurred in two mosques, but it was unclear how many attackers were involved.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemned what he called “extraordinary and unprecedented acts of violence”. “This is one of the darkest days in New Zealand,” he said. Meanwhile New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said four people – three men and a woman – had been arrested but it was not clear whether the gunman was among them or if someone else was involved.

Meanwhile Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi mentioned that there were 6 Indonesian citizens who were in the event at the An Noor mosque. “There are six Indonesian citizens who are in the mosque, three of whom have confirmed saving themselves. We are looking for information on 3 other Indonesian citizens, “Retno told reporters at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, Jakarta, Friday (3/15) as reported on the page, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry also said Indonesia strongly condemned the shooting at the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque.

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