<pre>Indonesia is Diverse, Islam Must Be Rahmatan lil Alamin


Padang Pariaman,

Santri Pondok Nurul Yaqin Lightly is expected to be a leader in the sight of Allah. The leader who sees everything with God's creatures. The example of the most successful leaders in the world is the Prophet Muhammad. Having followers reached 2 billion, even though his leadership only lasted 23 years.

As stated by the General Chairperson of the Hubbul Dhikr Council Musthofa Aqil Siroj, at the National and Tabligh Silaturrahmi at Nurul Yaqin Islamic Boarding School Lightweight Pakandangan District VI Environmental District Padang Regency Pariaman, West Sumatra, Thursday (3/14).


“Prophet Muhammad SAW in carrying out da'wah and leading mankind did not have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, but had 2 billion followers. The question is, why can it be successful?” He said.

Kiai Musthofa explained, an order to the Prophet Muhammad God begins not by chanting Allah's name directly. Three times down the commandments of the verse in succession, namely the letters Al-Alaq, Al-Mudasir and Al-Muzammil, do not mention the word Allah. But the word Rab (Lord of Hosts). Only the fourth letter, Al-Fatihah, is said by Allah.

“This shows that the Prophet Muhammad was ordered to view all of them with Allah's creatures. Not merely ruled for Muslims. In acting on someone, do not see his religion, tribe, origin, but as fellow human beings must do good, “explained Kiai Musthofa.

Let alone humans, animals were glorified by the Prophet. This attitude is the basis of the success of the Prophet in leading and preaching Islam.

Kiai Musthofa tells that the Prophet Muhammad was always insulted by blind Jews. Returning from the house of the Jew, the Prophet bought porridge (food) and went to the Jew again by feeding food brought with love. After the Prophet Muhammad died, the act was continued by the Caliph Abu Bakr.

The Jews also asked, “This must not be the person who came yesterday yesterday?” Abu Bakr also honestly admitted that the person who arrived yesterday had died. Then Abu Bakr was asked again, indeed who delivered the food yesterday? Abu Bakr replied, the one who came and fed the food was Prophet Muhammad SAW.

“The spontaneous Jewish people were shocked because they always insulted the Prophet Muhammad. He really did not expect, there were people who continued to be insulted, but always gave him goodness. Finally the Jews “Islam enters Islam,” said Kiai Musthofa, who is also the PBNU's Rais Syuriyah.

Related to a diverse Indonesia, Kiai Musthofa explained that Islam must be rahmatan lil alamin. Indonesia indeed has to be of Chinese descent, Minang, Javanese, Bugis and so on. Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist and Hindu. That is Indonesia which must be guarded together by this nation.

The National Silaturrahmi and Tabligh Akbar Program was attended by TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian, West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno, Padang Pariaman Regent Ali Mukhni, Islamic Boarding School Nurul Yaqin Sheikh Muhammad Rais Tuanku Labai Nan Basa, Chair of the Nurul Yaqin Foundation Idarusalam Tuanku Sutan, santri and the board of teachers of the Nurul Yaqin Islamic boarding school and Nurul Yaqin branch. ( Armaidi Tanjung / Muiz )


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