Bertanya Tentang  Adanya Allah


For our lord and example, the Prophet Muhammad, the earth that stretches is a prayer mat which is a powerful means for the most sacred and aesthetic encounter with His presence. No exception also for his followers from among spiritualists who are none other than prophets and guardians.

A controversial Sufi, Syaikh Husin bin Manshur Al-Hallaj, in a line of his poems, “Which part of the earth is empty of Your presence so that they need to fly to the sky to look for your presence? “A rhetorical question that does not require an answer, but how the spiritual demands in it can be realized.

In facing God Almighty, directly or indirectly, the inner eye he can witness and ensure that his presence is so real and in accordance with the spiritual knowledge possessed by him. While his eyes were born he witnessed Allah Ta'ala present to himself with all the majesty that indeed deserves to be carried by His presence.


So his perfect servitude to Allah Ta'ala by combining two models of worship at once. That is, worship that takes place in an absolute “space of imagination” and worship that takes place outside the all-natural. His inner and birth dimensions were both fully actualized in offering complete servitude to His presence.

Of course the conception of imagination here is not as understood and navigated by artists who became the basis for the birth of various kinds of works of art. But it purely refers to the absolutity of the divinity horizon which does not have its equivalent between the mortalities of this mortal reality. Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi called it the term holy imagination (الخيال القدسية).

The model of worship as pursued by the Prophet Muhammad had a strong correlation with the two names of Allah Ta'ala intertwined, namely Birth and Inner. The Prophet's inner dimension blurred and completely sank in the ocean of the absoluteity of His presence. While his birth dimension is closely intertwined with all His omnipotence and presence in all created realms.

Such ideal servitude models will not grow and develop as they should, except for someone who has been scenarios by Allah Ta'ala as his “home” . Namely people who have been given the ability not to watch and feel others. Because indeed what is referred to as something else actually does not exist and will never exist.

Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi stated in the book Tanbihat' ala 'uluww al-Haqiqah al-Muhammadiyyah which became the main reference for the writing of my essays about the spirituality of the Prophet Muhammad that all beings worshiped God Almighty except for the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil) . He worshiped by watching His presence. This is what had been experienced by a friend of 'Ali bin Abi Talib who later revealed, “Indeed I do not worship God whom I did not witness.”

How delicious it is, how wonderful it is to worship Allah Ta'ala while watching His presence which is nothing but the origin of all pleasures and beauty, both those that exist and are scattered in this world and which will be offered in the hereafter to those who are fortunate among those who believe and love good deeds.

And to arrive at the most prestigious degrees spiritually, anyone must arrive, by His grace, at the level of perfect faith. That is the light of divinity that is able to wipe out all the darkness that is lodged in the soul and mind. Wallahu a'lamu bish-shawab.

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