<pre>Islamic Boarding School Study Center: Kiai and Nyai Need to Be Active on Social Media



The use of social media as the front guard in the communication of new models, is no longer just a channel to convey messages and absorb information, but it also plays a role in influencing public perceptions and behavior, becomes the basis for institutional decision making, and contributes in developing collective awareness.

The development of information technology which continues to spread to various lines of people's lives has become a challenge for Islamic education institutions, especially Islamic boarding schools.


The founder of the Islamic Boarding School Study Center (PSP) Ahmad Ubaidillah, revealed that the use of social media also needs to be balanced with improving the quality of human resources.

“As an Islamic boarding school, we need to respond to it,” he said at the opening ceremony of the halaqoh Movement for Islamic Literacy at the Whiz Hotel in Cilacap, Central Java, Thursday (3/14) afternoon.

Social media, continued the man who is familiarly called Kang Ubed, is dominated by people with limited religious scientific capacity. They are few in number but they are so noisy in cyberspace.

“This Halaqoh was held so that the pesantren rang loudly to the public,” he explained.

Through this digital literacy movement, it hopes that a wise culture of socialization among santri will be built, stemming the viral news hoax, utterances of hatred, seeds of radicalism, and religious, racial and class fanaticism that have the potential to sharpen polarization in society and to produce and distributing positive content born from santri.

The forum, which was attended by 20 participants from pesantren in the Banyumas, Cilacap, Purbalingga, Kebumen and Purwakarta regions and Purworejo, was also intended to encourage kiai and nyai as pioneers to be active and involve themselves productive on social media. They will be provided with positive narrative skills and the production of short videos and other vehicles needed on social media. (Ahyar / Zunus)

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