Hikayat Kentut yang Islami


A seminar on Muslim scholars is underway, discussing the Sasi of Science and Technology.

“We have time to leave Science and Technology from the West, because in the Qur'an it is complete and perfect about the verses of Science and Technology,” said a professor from Gajah Mada University while reading a number of verses from the Qur'an about Science and Technology.

The participants were very impressed with the presentation of the sasi which he proclaimed, which he considered as an effort towards Islamic revival in this 14 Hijri. In the midst of the five participants, an interruption participant.


“This father turned out to be a hypocrite !!! …” he said quite loudly.

The entire contents of the room became rumbling and noisy. “The reason you say sir is this hypocrite?” Asked the moderator.

“If you ask Muslims to leave science and technology from the West and all concepts of science and technology that come from the West, because all the West you think is infidel knowledge, why do you still use microphones , electricity, automotive and vehicles and computers from the West? “
The atmosphere became noisy and boisterous.

” But in the Qur'an everything is clear. Everything must be based on the Qur'an … “the professor said earlier.

” Well, now you are not only hypocritical, but you have dzolim … “said the participant …
clap the cheering hands.

“Wait a minute … I mean how do you accuse the professor of being hypocritical and dzolim …” Asked the moderator again.

. Why don't we have this seminar in the middle of the forest or in the middle of the field without a microphone, we walk, or just use camels and horses. “

” Do you call dzolim? “

” Yes, because the professor doesn't understand Al's interpretation -Qur'an, does not understand the position of the Qur'anic verses, then put the verse of the Qur'an not in its place. Well, putting the position of the scriptures not on the place of view, that's dzolim, his name is … “

Then the moderator invited the professor to defend himself.

” Well, the Qur'an is the absolute truth … basically … basically … the point is … “said the professor, while maintaining” the point “which was counted by the participants up to almost 30 words” anyway … “

” Sorry professor, now your title is increasing. Not only hypocrisy, dzolim, but also stupid … “

” What is the reason you gave the professor a stupid title? “Asked the moderator.

” Because of ignorance it always hid behind “the point”. Inside “the point” is definitely lust and emotion. In emotion and lust there is ignorance … Later, after a long time this Professor made a paradigm so that if we farted it must be.

I will ask questions later, how do farts smell, how fart sounds, what kind of strategy, and the postulate What … Then are we going to make a seminar with the title sasi kentut ?. “

The atmosphere became noisy.

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