<pre>Feather Duster and Slander to the Kiai


One time a santri apologized to Kiinya who had been slandered. The Kiai just smiled. “Are you serious?” Asked the Kiai

“I am serious, Kiai. I really want to make amends, “replied the santri.

The Kiai paused for a moment. Then he asked, “Do you have a duster in your house?”

“Yes, I have a Kiai duster. What should I do with the duster? “


” Tomorrow morning, walk from your room to my hut. Walk around the field while pulling the feathers from the duster. Every time you pull out a feather, remember your bad words about me, then drop it on the road you passed. You will learn something from him. “

The next day, the santri met Kiai with a duster that had no feathers on the handle. He immediately handed the handle of the duster to the Kiai.

“Here, Kiai, I dropped the feather feathers one by one along the way. I walked more than five kilos from my house to this cottage. I remember all my bad words about Kiai. Forgive me, Kiai. “

The Kiai paused for a moment, then said,” Now go home. Go back home on foot and take the same path as you go to my hut. Along the way of your return, pick up the feather feathers that you had pulled one by one. Tomorrow, report to me how many feathers you can collect. “

Along the way home, the santri tried to find the feather feathers that had been released along the road. Hot day. Tiring journey.

How hard it is to find the feathers. They had of course been blown off by the wind, or had been stuck in the buildings of the pesantren, or had been swept to places that he now could not know.

The santri continued to walk. After hours, he stood in front of his room with clothes soaked in sweat. His breath felt heavy. His throat is dry. There were only five feather feathers that were found along the way.

The following day the santri met the Kiai with a gloomy face while thrusting five pieces of feathers in front of the Kiai.

“Kiai, I'm sorry. Only this I found it. “

” Now you have learned something, “said the Kiai.

” What have I learned, Kiai? “Asked the santri.

” About those slanders, “answered Sang Kiai.

“The feathers that you take and drop along the way are slanders that you spread. Even though you really regret your actions and try to fix them, those slanders have become feathers flying somewhere. Those feathers are your words. They are brought by the winds of time to anywhere, to various places that you cannot possibly guess, to various areas that you cannot possibly count! “

” Imagine one of those slanders one day returning to yourself . Maybe you will try to straighten it out, because you really feel guilty for hurting others with your words. Maybe you don't want to hear it again. But you can't stop all of that! “

” Your words that have been scattered and continue to be spread out of your control, you cannot wrap them again in an iron box for you to bury deeply so that no one else will hear it. The wind of time has perpetuated it. “

The Kiai fell silent for a moment then continued his advice:

” The slanders have become sins which continue to breed with no end. Even though I or whoever you slander has forgiven you wholeheartedly, the slander continues to flow until you cannot imagine the end of it all. Even if you have passed away, the slanders continue to live because the wind of time has made him eternal. “

Then you cannot count again how many slanders have weighed on your evil scales later. That's why, slander is more cruel than on murder. “

Imagine what if the feather feathers were scattered in the world of social media. The digital world that will always exist even though we have deleted it. So, every time we post try to review the slander or not?

Shofwan Alwie Husein. Lirboyo Islamic Boarding School Alumni (Extracted from Collection of Inspirational Stories)

This Article was Published On: NU Online

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