Kisahku Terpapar Faham Khilafah dan Anti Demokrasi Lewat Kajian Eksklusif


I am not writing, because I myself experienced it; brainwashed in very exclusive religious thought.

From a young age I was a person who often recited at a landfill near my house. But it does not need to be denied that community life in my village cannot be said to be religious. Even my village is known for its violence. With such conditions, I switched to being a very hedonist when I entered junior high school. I began to recognize juvenile delinquency at that time, the Koran had stopped, even I began to dare to leave the prayer.

The condition lasted for two years, and I began to feel tremendous unrest. There is a desire to change, mainly because of the decreasing achievement factor. Finally I decided to stop being a hedonist. And restarted the Koran activity at home.


One day when I had entered 9th grade in junior high school, there was my brother who invited recitation at a regional mosque and I agreed. There was something strange about the recitation, gathered 5 teenagers and were given a sheet about the arguments of law, government, the prohibition of democracy, and khilafah – which at that time I did not understand the meaning. ] the contents are not far from the explanation of the arguments. One of them is the verses that say if a country does not take the law from God's law, the population is called an infidel. So that the good news is given, if we are among those who fight for the Khlafah then we are not included in that disbelief.

Finally after taking a long time studying with them, my view changed. I became a person who blamed the government, illegitimate democracy, disobedience must be eradicated, became a cynic, even I began to consider the infidel of this country because it did not make the Caliphate a system.

Seeing my condition changed, my parents were worried. Even they once said, “Jar, be careful. Mamah is afraid that you will become a terrorist. Parents offered me to enter boarding schools for me. I also obeyed because I was also very interested in the world of pesantren. Finally I entered the Islamic Boarding School in KH. Zainal Mustafa Sukamanah, in Tasikmalaya.

After one year of being a santri, little by little my views changed, although it took months to change that. When the religious teachers are so polite, and the Kyai teaches love. That environment finally made me realize. With friendly boarding education, exclusivity has also changed into inclusiveness.

This experience was very valuable to me. How not, with this experience I have become easier to introduce friendly and polite Islam. I always tell the experience in discussions or conversations with friends. With that I can maintain the condition of my environment from very exclusive Islam and lead to intolerance.

Now I have begun to be a part of fighting an exclusive understanding, especially among young people who are thirsty for Islam. But I am sure of one thing, to fight the thoughts of these exclusive people needs to be with affection. Because according to Martin Luther King, “Hate cannot drive out hare; only love can do that. ”

It was the inclusive Islam that I embraced. Islam that is friendly, polite and open. If all Muslims have such a view, is that beautiful is not it?

Wallahu Allam.

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