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True Love Is A Longing for the Khaliq




Gus Sabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh (Noe Letto) in his tausiyah conveying true love is longing for the Almighty and the Compassionate.

“Love will also be felt when we have a baby. Love for children without selfless and without hope of return, from that love will widen universally and spread in all spheres of life, “he said

This was revealed at the commemoration of Isra 'Mi'raj of the Prophet Muhammad, Tuesday (12/3) night on the courtyard of the Mosque Ki Ageng Anggawana Kalisoka Village, Dukuhwaru Tegal Regency which was held by the IPNU-IPPNU Branch Leader Kalisoka Village together with the local Youth Mosque (Irmas) Association held


The Emha Cultural Son Ainun Najib (Cak Nun) also revealed that the universe shone because of Nur Muhammad SAW. “Therefore, do not underestimate!” He said.

Interestingly a memorial was framed in Sinau Bareng Khasanah Cinta at the Mi'raj Universe of the Prophet Muhammad by presenting Gus Sabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh from Yogyakarta and Gus Akhmad Latief from Tegal.

Ahmad Muchtar's Chairperson of the Committee said that the concept of the program with Rajutab Sinau Bareng in commemoration of Isra 'Mi'raj of the Prophet Muhammad SAW was an annual routine event held in Kalisoka Village, Dukuhwaru District.

“Last year the concept of Kalisoka Bershalawat, but for this year Kalisoka Reads Together with a Love repertoire in the Mi'raj Universe of the Prophet Muhammad, “he said Wednesday (3/13).

According to him, this concept of sinau is a method of propaganda that is very popular with young people. a question and answer session that made visitors feel more satisfied what the speaker said. “ Alhamdulillah the event was a success and got enthusiastic from the millennial youth, “he added.

The commemoration was also enlivened by the reading of the Prophet's Birthday by the IPPNU Hadrah Group of Kalisoka Village, Dukuhwaru Subdistrict, Tegal Regency. Kalisoka and a number of other invitations. ( Nurkhasan / Muiz )

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