Perda-Perda Diskriminatif di Indonesia untuk Perempuan


Once, there were two women who came to a judge named Ibn Abu Laila. He was one of the famous and very popular judges of his day. The judge invited one of them to speak first.

“Who among you wants to speak first?” come with him.

“O judge, my father has long since died. This old woman is my aunt, but I often call her mother. Because he has raised and borne the cost of my life until I was an adult, “said the young woman.


” So what's the problem? asked the judge.

“One time my son from my uncle came to propose and married me. While this aunt has a young daughter. When his daughter grew up, my aunt offered my daughter to my husband to marry. After three years we lived together, finally my husband received an offer from my aunt. My aunt began to decorate the girl to be met with my husband. When my husband saw the girl, he immediately fell in love with him. My aunt will marry them both on the condition that the affairs of her brother's daughter must be handed over to him. “

My husband agreed to that requirement. On the wedding day, my aunt came to me and told me that my husband was married to his daughter. And all my business was handled by my aunt. He also represents me to divorce my husband. All of my days and nights I live by being divorced. After a while, my aunt's husband came from overseas. I also asked him to marry me. My aunt's husband is a famous writer. He wants to marry me but I ask for the terms for him. The condition is that he must surrender the affairs of my aunt to me and be approved. Then I married her husband. I also represent my aunt to divorce her husband. And I pray that my aunt will always be given a long life.

The judge spontaneously responded to the story of the young woman. “Yes … my God.”

“The essence of the problem has not yet begun, O judge.” Said the young woman while continuing her story. Then came my aunt asking for inheritance from the husband who had divorced her. However, I refused because he had nothing to do with my husband and his inheritance. After my iddah period was over, my aunt came with her daughter and the husband of his daughter who had divorced me to decide the case of the inheritance. He longs to live with me again. He promised to be loyal to me. I want to marry him but on one condition. That is, his wife's business must be handed over to me and approved. I also represented his wife to divorce her husband who was going to marry me.

The judge seemed confused hearing his story and put his hand on his head. “So, where is the question?”

“Is it fair for me and my daughter to be divorced and then take two of our husbands and their property? asked the old woman to the judge.

“I did not see anything that was forbidden and forbidden from a man who married twice and then divorced and gave his wife the inheritance,” answered the judge. went to one of the mayors, he told the incident. Hearing the incident, the mayor laughed heartily while slamming his legs on the ground and said, “Hopefully the old man will die immediately because of his actions. Whoever digs a hole for his brother, he will fall into it. However, the old woman not rubbed in the hole just fell in the sea. “

The story above is full of lessons. Because he teaches us to always respect the rights of others and not arbitrarily disturb his peace. A Muslim should realize that every act he does will eventually return to himself.

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