<pre>Fruit of Said Nursi's Thought, The Milestone of Modern Islam in Turkey



Chancellor of the State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Hj Amany Burhanudin Lubis, expressed his opinion on the thoughts of Islamic reformist leader Badiuzzaman Said Nursi. According to him, Said Nursi's thoughts were the cornerstone of modern Islamic thought in Turkey.

The statement was conveyed by Amany Lubis when he was a keynote speaker at the International Seminar at the Main Hall of Harun Nasution UIN Jakarta, Wednesday (14/3). Present at the event was the Hayrat Foundation Turkey for Foreign Affairs, Faridun Isikli; Hayrat Faoundation Turkey African Representative, Ismail Kaya; Turkish Alumni Association, Dicky Rachmat Fauji; and hundreds of students from various universities in Indonesia.


“The theme I like, because it has been five times to Turkey, of course the thoughts of Badiuzaman Said Nursi are well known in the world and Badiuzaman's thinkers have been numerous. Bediuzzaman and encourage young people in Indonesia to be able to study great figures and continue thinking big thoughts to remember, “Amany said in front of hundreds of students

. He said although Said Nursi had died in 1960 but his thoughts were still being used and even developed by prominent figures Islam today. The Chancellor inaugurated on January 7, 2019 told the story and thoughts of Said Nursi based on the book he read.

“Said Nursi did not have politics, when he was an employee he stopped and began writing his works. And his work became a handbook for most Turkish people. What I remember when my friend in Turkey married beside Al-Qur'an was Said Nursi's book, “said the alumni of Al-Azhar University, Cairo.

The work of Said Nursi, continued Amany, became an icon of Islamic thought in Turkey caused by his ideas are in accordance with the values ​​contained in the Qur'an and Al-Hadist. Even the topic initiated by Badiuzzaman crossed space and time.

“The fruits of his work are included in all fields through clear inspiration, a sincere heart written on the basis of the Qur'an,” he said.

As is known, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi is known as a figure of Islamic reformer who has a modern and moderate mind. Nursi's thinking had an influence not only in the field of education, but in various fields including Sufism, creed, kalam, history, and language.

Said Nursi was a well-respected scholar, and was a person who had great attention to peace and progress education in the world. Every night there are always studies of Said Nursi's thoughts that are followed by hundreds of people. Bediuzzaman or 'the awe of the times' is the title given by his own teacher, namely Sheikh Fathullah Effendi, because of his brightness. (Abdul Rahman Ahdori / Kendi Setiawan)


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