<pre>Four Hoaks that Often Override the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence



The Draft Law (RUU) for the Elimination of Sexual Violence has so far spawned pros and cons. Unfortunately, the debate is not infrequently interspersed with the circulation of misleading information about the contents and motives for the emergence of this bill.

“Indeed this attitude (pros and cons) is good when accompanied by culture cross check and recheck on information received so that information balance arises, “said Muhammad Syamsudin, Chair of the National Assembly of the Qanuniyah Bahtul Masail Formulation Team of the NU Ulama Team in 2019, on Wednesday (13/3).


The NU Ulema Council National Conference which took place in Banjar City, West Java, last February 27-March 1, discussed the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence and the Antitrust and Business Competition Bill. NU conducted a serious study since the Pre-National Conference to ensure that the existing regulation draft had a devastating impact on the community.

Syamsuddin said that he had summarized a number of conflicting information on the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence. First, there are allegations that this bill is a means for the government to legalize adultery. Even in this case it was rumored that the government would distribute contraceptives to the younger generation.

“They usually then issued an appeal to reject the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence and continued with efforts to choose one particular presidential candidate pair,” he explained.

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Second, he added, circulated also the assumption that there is a prohibition for parents to educate their children to carry out religious teachings such as orders to cover their genitals. Third, the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence eliminates the authority of the mujbir guardian to marry his child with the threat of imprisonment if this is done. And fourth, the bill was entrusted from international NGOs to legalize LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

According to PP Caregiver Hasan Jufri Putri, Bawean Island, East Java, all of these issues circulated massively in the media mass and social media and released by irresponsible parties.

“The crucial factor of the issue is: an invitation to leave choosing a particular presidential candidate and switching to another presidential candidate; and the draft draft is circulating incorrectly and not as stated in the Draft Bill on the Elimination of Genuine Sexual Violence and has been published since long ago through the DPR's official website, “he explained.

However, said Syamsuddin, the delivery of incorrect information to the public with data Unverified sources are actions that are not commendable and cannot be justified by Islamic law. For the perpetrators can be subject to Article spreading false news as stated in the Electronic Transaction Information Act (UU-ITE).

National Assembly of the 2019 NU Ulama Council itself supports the issuance of the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence, even with a number of records. The highest forum in NU after the Congress also encouraged the DPR and the Government to immediately ratify the bill by paying attention to the voices of delegates from all NU clerics throughout Indonesia as stated in the results of the NU National Conference's recommendations and decisions in 2019. [1945919] (Mahbib)


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