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Encourage Young People, Mendes PDTT: Down to the Village, Move the Citizens' Economy

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Village Minister, Development of Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration Eko Putro Sandjojo invited young people and academics to contribute to building the village. One of them is by going directly to the village.

“Get down to the village, see the tourist village, develop it. You will become new unicorns. Look at opportunities, don't waste time complaining and seeing imperfections,” he ordered when filling out a public lecture at the National Seminar organized by the Association University of Bengkulu Civil Engineering students at the Multifunction Office of the Governor of Bengkulu Province, on Wednesday (3/13).

According to him, students can also contribute in this digital era 4.0, such as e-commerce business opportunities. Moreover, nowadays many tourist villages are driving the economy which can be used as one of the fastest promotions using internet technology through social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook or portals of BUMDes.

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“So we use technology for more fast economic growth in the village. By using this industry 4.0 technology. We have a collaboration with bukalapak, regopantes and other portals (in the form of e-commerce). Now you young people and students can see that opportunity, “he said.

Ministry of Village , Development of Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration has a University Forum for Villages (Fortides). Currently there are 100 universities that join. It is hoped that this forum can become a place for students to contribute to building the village.

Besides giving general lecture material, Mendes PDTT also gave enlightenment regarding attitudes. He hopes that young people or students can take advantage of their time optimally.

“You can be anything depending on how you have dreams and how hard those ideals can be realized. You have so much energy but can be dim if disappointed. because there will be no more enthusiasm for ideals. Number one, enthusiasm, “he said, greeted by boisterous seminar participants.

Meanwhile Gusta Gunawan as Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Engineering said that currently the issue of sustainable development is still being encouraged. Lagging villages in Bengkulu began to clean up from Mukomuko to Kaur, which he said was inseparable from the role of the Ministry of Trade of PDTT.

“The need for collaboration between academics, business people, the government, and the community. Hopefully disadvantaged villages can progress like in transmigration areas,” he concluded.

The national seminar program was attended by the University of Bengkulu (UNIB), University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu (UMB), College of Administrative Sciences (STIA), Dehasen University (UNIVED), SMK 2 Kota Bengkulu. (Red-Zunus)

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