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In religious teachings, all the knowledge in them is broadly composed of two things: birth and mind or form and substance. And both dimensions are multilevel.

For example, it is said in the history that the Qur'an contains seven layers of birth meanings and seven layers of inner meaning. And each layer has a thousand meanings. And in each one thousand meanings there are one thousand meanings. In the language of the Qur'an it is likened “And if the trees of the earth became pens and the sea (became ink), added to him seven seas (again) after (dry), surely there would be an inexhaustible (written) sentence of Allah. Allah is Mighty, Wise. “

So it is not surprising that there are many interpretations. Because, the limited human minds certainly will not be able to understand all the divine kalamas that are immense and profound in their meaning. The mind only reaches for what it is capable of thinking. The limited ones cannot understand the whole of the infinite.


Because of these limitations, scholars who are deeply knowledgeable make rules or devices to understand the sacred text. Why? Because the highest authority to interpret the revelation is Kanjeng Prophet Muhammad, has died. Kanjeng the Prophet did not compile the rules because he had been “dissected by his angel to be sanctified” and ma'shum and he who was given the revelation via Gabriel. The rules or instruments of interpretation of the sacred text are made as signs for those who are not prophets. Signs for what? One of them: Lust.

The Prophet taught the Quran without the interference of bad passions. We, who are not prophets, are certainly not as pure as that. Humans have thoughts, also have desires of lust. If the heart is not clean from lust, then without a set of rules, the science of interpretation, people will interpret their own desires according to their desires. We know that if lust is dominant, the mind will be driven and not clear.

A simple example: if anger arises and we cannot control this lust, our minds seem to disappear. People can go crazy.

So Kanjeng Nabi advised not to make decisions when anger flared because the mind was blurry. Now imagine if I, who have many and strong passions, have anger, lewdness, envy, love lies, still not surrender to fate, hope praise, feel more righteous, easy to mislead and curse people, hope for luxury, world power, arrogant, ujub, ria, feels pious, holy, then suddenly interprets the scriptures without a proper and correct basis of rules and tools of interpretation, only the translation capital and the mind itself are limited in ability. What happened?

It is very possible for me to be included in the person who was “warned” by the prophet, which means more or less, “Whoever understands the Qur'an by interpreting his own opinion (especially with lust) without being based on strong knowledge, then get ready to become a dweller of hell. “

Fame is one of the fuels of lust to be praised, wants to be considered pious – in short, arrogance or riya and ujub … Sometimes we can do anything for popularity. Or sometimes we force ourselves to appear beyond ability just to maintain fame or increase the number of followers or fans. I want to continue to be considered an idol: then I have to feel more than my fans. If my fans want to study religion, I have to look smart even though I only pay for the translation or watching youtube.

All my questions are answered so I am not considered stupid. So that the title precedes science.

I often lecture with intelligence to compose words of religious smell, people immediately call me a cleric, cleric, syeh, even though I am only a teacher from the internet, do not have and do not understand interpretation, hadith, and all knowledge other tools. Secretly I like to be considered pious, so I try hard to maintain respect from others, whatever the way.

Now, if the meaning of the text and context of the holy verse is so wide and deep, not to mention its inner meaning (spiritual side, mystic, adab, morality – which is a Sufi concern) which is also very subtle, wide and deep, how do I interpret a verse without mastering the rules and interpretations that have been compiled by commentators who devote their entire lives to studying the Quran?

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