Hadisul Ifki, Berita Hoaks di Masa Nabi


A woman asks for divorce from her husband because her husband lied to him. Her husband lied for several years to cover up the proper news, that she had remarried another woman.

In another case, an ustadz was left behind by his congregation for lying. As a result of the lies conveyed, many slanders occur and become wild balls in the midst of society.

Again and again, the impact of lies is very real: making divorcees divorce and an ustadz losing the trust of the worshipers.


lies allowed by Islam. This was mentioned by Imam an-Nawawi in al-Adzkar an-Nawawi. Imam An-Nawawi, quoting a hadith from Ummi Kaltsum, narrated by Imam Muslim.

قالت أم كلثوم: ولم أسمعه يرخص في شئ مما يقول الناس لا في ثلاث: يعني: الحرب ، والإصلاح بين الناس ، وحديث الرجل امرأته والمرأة زوجها “

Um Katsum said: I have never heard the Prophet (pbuh) give relief for speech (lying) that has been spoken by humans except in three things, namely, during war, when in reconciliation between human beings , and the words (rhyme) of a husband to his wife, or a wife to her husband. “

However, this lie cannot be done immediately, Imam al-Ghazali, as quoted by Imam an-Nawawi, mentions a number of limits that lies can done in the three things above.

الكلام وسيلة إلى المقاصد ، فكل مقصود محمود يمكن ا توصل إليه بالصدق والكذب جميعا, فالكذب فيه حرام, لعدم الحاجة إليه, وإن أمكن التوصل إليه بالكذب, ولم يمكن بالصدق, فالكذب فيه مباح إن كان تحصيل ذلك المقصود مباحا, وواجب إن كان المقصود واجبا

“Words are a medium to achieving goals. And every good goal can be done by saying honest or lying. Whereas false words remain unclean if there is no need to arrive at that goal. If it is possible to achieve a good goal with a false statement, and it will not be achieved if by honest speech, then the utterance of lies is permitted if the result of the goal is permitted, even obligatory if the goal to be achieved is an obligation. “ [19659006] From this limitation it shows that the purpose is muted, if it cannot be achieved with only honest speech, then it is permissible to say a lie. However, if the goal is an obligation, and cannot be achieved without a false statement, then the false statement is obligatory.

Al-Ghozali adds restrictions on these three things with the following statement:

ومتى جاز الكذب ، فإن كان المبيح غرضا يتعلق بنفسه ، فيستحب أن لا يكذب ، ومتى كان متعلقا بغيره ك والحزم كل موضع أبيح إلا اا كان واجبا.

“When is it possible to lie? If it is related to a purpose that is muted and relates to oneself, then it is still advisable not to lie. And if you connect with other people, then you should not provide convenience that concerns the rights of others. And steadfastly leave lies for something that is only changed, but if things that concern the other person are related to compulsory matters, then it is permissible. “

Wallahu Allam.

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