Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English IPNU-IPPNU Jombang Begins to Work on Three Strategic Programs

IPNU-IPPNU Jombang Begins to Work on Three Strategic Programs

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Entering the second year, namely in 2019 this Branch Leader (PC) of the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association and Student Association of Nahdlatul Ulama (IPNU IPPNU) Jombang, East Java focused on 3 (three) strategic programs, namely literacy student, independence, and digitalization.

“In the first year we carried out 3 core business or the main work namely administration, regeneration and innovation programs. In the second year we carried out student literacy, independence and digitalization,” said IPNU PC Chair Jombang, Muhammad Ishomudin Haidar, to Tuesday (12/3).

He mentioned, the three programs were programs that were in line with the times. Of course, he said, each of the administrators must be smart in innovating and collaborating to maximize the program.

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“This is a strategy that we will do in order to survive in an era like this. We also set the spirit of innovation and spirit of collaboration, “He added.

The man who is often called Haidar then explained each of his strategic programs. In his view, the three programs are interrelated and are equally needed by students today. For example, in the world of literacy, students are indeed required to literate literacy in the midst of technological developments and information that cannot be dammed.

“Student Literacy, this is our effort to provide literacy to students,” explained the former Chairperson of PAC Mojowarno, Jombang.

Then the independence program, he said, was also inseparable from the flow of development in all aspects. According to him, NU students need to respond to their abilities, such as the ability of entrepreneurs and so on.

“In the aspect of independence programs, how will each student be able to be independent and have entrepreneurial skills,” he said.

Digitization program is the response of NU students to the 4.0 industrial revolution. “We have also presented three of the program plans at the 2nd Branch of the Working Meeting at the PP Al-Kautsar Pasuruan on February 23-24, 2019,” he concluded. ( Syamsul Arifin / Muiz )

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