<pre>Kemnaker Increases the Ability of International Employee Negotiations



To face global competition, the Ministry of Manpower through the Bureau of Foreign Cooperation (KLN) held an activity to Increase the Capacity and Capacity of Negotiations in Facing International Negotiations and Trials in the Field of Manpower.

“The aim is to increase capacity as members of the international community and to understand the procedures for international relations,” said Head of the KLN Bureau, Indah Anggoro Putri, when opening the event in Batam, Riau, on Monday (4/3). 19659003] As part of the international community, the Ministry of Manpower cannot avoid negotiations both bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally. “We must know in principle what are and cannot be done and how we are involved in the negotiations so that our goals can be achieved,” said Putri.


In order to gain knowledge in the negotiations, Putri said, she deliberately invited resource persons from a credible institution, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Putri added, in order to optimize the benefits and position of foreign cooperation, several things that need to be done are expansion of partnerships with foreign partners at home and abroad.

“Increased competence officials who handle foreign cooperation at the central level, particularly the ability and capacity of negotiations in the face of negotiations and international labor field trials are also very important to improve, “said Putri.

The implementation of international negotiations and the implementation of foreign relations require careful consideration from various aspects since ta hap planning until the initiation and signing of the cooperation agreement.

Therefore, he continued, mastery is needed regarding the ins and outs of the mechanisms and habits that occur in various negotiating forums and procedures for handling international issues, especially in the field of employment. [19659003] “Not only got the theory, the participants also took part in the simulation, so they got a direct picture and could apply the techniques taught,” said Putri.

For information, this workshop was attended by 45 participants. consisting of employees of technical units and employees within the Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower. (Red: Kendi Setiawan)


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