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Branch Manager (PC) of the Nahdlatul Ulama (IPNU) Student Association and the Mojokerto Regency East Java Student Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association (IPPNU) held an inauguration. This time is the management of Jatirejo Branch Child Leadership (PAC), which is based in Jatirejo's Wisma Majelis Deputy Nahdlatul Ulama Branch (MWCNU), Tuesday (12/3).

Jatirejo IPNU PAC and IPPNU 2019-2021 solemn period are now focusing on cadre regeneration. “By focusing on this program, he hopes to be able to challenge PAC to prepare the best cadres to continue the existence of Jatirejo NU students,” Mohammad Mu'ammar said to .


The Chairperson of Jatirejo IPNU PAC reminded all members to follow the entire regeneration process. “In the near future, the IPNU-IPPNU will hold a cadre activity for Members of the Faithful Period or Makesta to instill confidence as the right choice of organization as a means of struggle,” he said.

While IPPNU Chairperson Siti Ayu Khotijah hopes that the colleagues will synergize and cooperate to always learn, fight, and fear. “After pledging before Allah SWT and succeeding in the results of the mutually agreed work meeting,” he explained.

According to him, the first year will carry out safaris to all branches in the Jatirejo District. “That way the branches that have been formed, but suspended animation will be completed directly through the regeneration process. Besides that, I can listen to what has become a complaint about twigs so far, “he said.

Mohammad Mu'ammar added, regeneration was one of the focuses of the activities of the Jatirejo IPNU-IPPNU management. “Because IPNU and IPPNU themselves are cadre-based organizations, so regeneration must be the main focus of various activities,” he explained. Its existence is like a building, regeneration is its foundation, he continued.

Chairman of Mojokerto Regency IPNU PC, Mujibaturrohman welcomed this excellent program. “We sharpen the spearhead of the organization through improving organizational structure,” he said. From the Commissariat Leadership (PK) level, Branch Manager (PR) and Branch Child Leader (PAC), he continued.

Also present at the inauguration and IPNU IPPNU branch work meeting, Chairperson of the Deputy Assembly of Jatirejo Branch Nahdlatul Ulama, Muspika, council coaches and alumni. Also the IPNU-IPPNU PC in Mojokerto Regency and all the Branches in Jatirejo District. ( Syaiful Alfuat / Ibn Nawawi )


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