<pre>Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0, LP Ma'arif NU Maximizes Vocational Education


The current 4.0 industrial revolution requires people to have sufficient skills to compete with other nations in the world. To answer this challenge, the government has opened a broad range of vocational or vocational education.

It is not only the government, the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) Executive Board through the Education Institute (LP) Ma'arif also strives to meet people's needs in the face of this Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Chairman of the PB Ma'arif PBNU, KH Arifin Junaidi revealed that SMKs in the Ma'arif neighborhood were able to meet the needs of the industry by opening various departments.

“There are 1500 Vocational Schools in the Ma'arif neighborhood,” he told [19659005]Tuesday (12/3).


Aside from opening general departments, such as motorcycle and multimedia engineering, Vocational Schools in Ma'arif also opened agriculture, marine and fisheries majors. This is done considering the vast area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesian agriculture and sea, but fewer and fewer manage it.

“Agricultural programs that have not been much sought after, there are graduates who are accepted directly at IPB without testing,” said Kiai Arifin.

SMK Ma'arif graduates have also been absorbed in the national and international industries. “Immediately absorbed in the labor market, there are those who work in Korea, Thailand, and others.”

Although superior in quantity, Kiai Arifin also wants SMK Ma'arif students to be superior in terms of quality. This is done by increasing the following five things.

First, he explained, these students were provided with skilled skills so as not to lag behind global competition.

Second, students' language skills. Many vocational schools in the Maarif neighborhood, he said, are developing bilingual.

In addition, the ability of information technology is also the main provision, in addition to extensive networks to channel graduates. Another important thing is the cultivation of character as a major advantage.

“Because Ma'arif's education inherits pesantren education,” he concluded.

In line with this, the Nahdlatul Ulama Higher Education Institution (LPTNU) is also developing community academies based on boarding schools as vocational education for diploma programs. Deputy Chairperson of the LPTNU Afifi revealed that the program will open in the new academic year 201-2020.

“Yes you can (accept new school year students),” he said. (Syakir NF / Muhammad Faizin)


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