<pre>PBNU Secretary General: There is no country as free as Indonesia in embracing religion


West Lombok,

Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Executive Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) H Ahmad Helmy Faisal Zaini said that there was no country as free as Indonesia in embracing Religion especially Islam.

“In Indonesia we are free Islamic religion, try to check in other countries. There is no one as free as Indonesia. And Indonesia is also known for its diversity, therefore, we must continue to maintain and care together, “he said.


This was stated at the 33rd Haul of Pondok Islamic Boarding School Darussalam Serves Babussalam Village Gerung District, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and commemorates the 4th Haul [1945966] almagfurullah TGH M Ridwanullah At-Tauhid, Monday (11/03).

slanders that spread about Islam being cornered. “There is no Islam being cornered in Indonesia, instead we are free to do anything concerning our respective religious matters,” explained the member of the DPR-RI.

Chairperson of the Committee as well as the Foundation Leader of the Ponpes Darussalam Campaign Has TGH. Hardyatullah Ridwan said that routine activities are held every year. In fact, it was not only carried out in the pesantren, but in other places it was also celebrated Harlah and Haul by pilgrims and alumni.

“This commemoration activity was also carried out in several places such as Central Lombok which was a group of students almagfurullah TGH M Ridwanullah, “said this Egyptian alumnus.

He also described the long journey of his parents in developing the pesantren. Among those pioneered by his father were Majelis Ta'lim, PAUD Darussalam, MTS Darussalam, Madrasah Aliyah Darussalam which was established from 1993, MI Darussalam in 2007 to Ma'had Aly who focused on studying the yellow books, and finally the College of Sciences Darussalam Law

Alhamdulillah The total number of students from PAUD to Higher Education is 952 people,” he explained.

Rais PWNU NTB TGH Turmudzi Badaruddin, PCNU Chairperson also attended Rais PWNU. West Lombok TGH Abdul Hamid, TGH Khudari Ibrahim, along with thousands of worshipers and santri in the Darussalam Bermi Islamic Boarding School in West Lombok. ( Hadi / Muiz )


This Article was Published On: NU Online

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