<pre>Minister of Religion: Moderate is the Nature of Religion



Minister of Religion H Lukman Hakim Saifuddin expressed the importance of moderation in religion. Because according to him, moderation is the essence of religion.

That was conveyed by Lukman at the halaqah Development of 2019 Islamic Education entitled “Religious Moderation for Advanced and Cultured Islamic Education” at Mercure Hotel Convention Ancol Jakarta, Monday (11/3). [19659003] “There is no extreme religious teaching. That is why moderation is religious, not religious moderation. “The variety must always be moderate,” Lukman said.


He explained, the Ministry of Religion as the executor of the country continues to try to invite the public to moderate and distance themselves from the two poles of extreme religious understanding, both extreme conservatives and liberals. [19659003] “The state, the government through the Ministry of Religion, how can our perspective, understanding and religious behavior return to the middle, again becoming moderate because the essence of religion is moderate,” he said.

First, extreme conservatives, those who understand religion is only based on the text contained in the scriptures and disclaims the context, as in understanding the Qur'an Surat Al-Maidah verse 44 concerning deciding something based on the law revealed by God.

According to him, this understanding gave birth to errors because of not acknowledging, even blaming all products of human law, such as Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. [1 9659003] “This is one of exaggerated understanding,” he said.

Second, extreme liberals, namely those who understand religion only rely on reason so that their understanding is uprooted from the text itself.

text, this too looks at the context, and in such a way that it is excessive, so that it is imprinted or can be trapped in understanding and behavior which is actually uprooted from the text itself, from the substance of the text itself, “he said. (Husni Sahal / Fathoni)


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