<pre>Stories about Young Widows Selling Out, After Old Not Selling


In the past, in Bangil, East Java there was a widow with seven children. To fulfill the needs of young children, every day the widow sells fried foods and crackers.

When his children were small, his merchandise sold well. But when it starts big, and gets bigger, the sales don't sell well.

Because of these conditions, the widow confided to Gus Ali in Tulangan, Sidoarjo. Gus Ali is a kiai who previously gave advice and prayers for the widow's best-selling effort. The widow said, “Mr. Kiai, is his prayer time wrong? The more I read (prayer) the more it didn't sell.” [Blasphemy] [Thisishow?”


Gus Ali then replied that angels were not never done his job wrongly.

“God used to make merchandise until sold out because the children of sampean were still small. Now, the children of sampean were large and able to work “It's not time anymore for selling fried foods and crackers. But it's time to multiply time in the mosque,” Gus Ali replied.

The story was delivered by KH Ali Masyhuri himself, Gus Ali's full name at the top of Haul Mbah Bisri Syansuri, Denanyar, Jombang Regency , East Java, last week.

The caretaker of the Islamic Boarding School in Sholawat, Sidoarjo, East Java then advised the widow and was again advised to worship the congregation about tawheed.

Allah Swt, said Gus Ali, if you give something you must see what is needed, not what is desired. “If you are not aware of this principle, you do not feel governed by God, but feel (can) govern God,” he said.

According to him, the parents, even though they were not in school and many children, were never worried about the coming of sustenance from Allah. Peace is obtained because they believe God gives sustenance according to the needs of His servants.

The situation is the opposite. Most people are afraid of having many children, worried that they cannot raise and finance children. Even though people are now highly educated.

“There is a title MM alias which is merely [SPM]; the scholar is full of suffering. MSi is still like that alias uripe nguna-ngunu ae (so -that is it.) Akhire duwene (finally got) RSS, a difficult house along, “he joked.

Haul Mbah Bisri Syansuri was also attended by a number of figures including Rais' Aam PBNU KH Miftachul Akhyar, PBNU Chairman KH Said Aqil Siroj, Deputy Caregiver of Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School Abdul Abdul Mahfudz, as well as thousands of santri and pilgrims.

This year, haul Mbah Bisri Syansuri entered the 40th year. The program was coupled with the 66th haul of Nyai Hj Nor Khodijah, 104 years of Mambaul Ma'arif Islamic Boarding School, and a century of Putri Mambaul Ma'arif Islamic Boarding School.

Mbah Bisri or KH Bisri Syansuri was born on Wednesday 28th of Dzulhijjah 1304 AH or September 18, 1886. He was born in Tayu, a sub-district capital located 100 kilometers northeast of Semarang, in Central Java.

Tayu is the northern coast of Java which has a devout social religious culture. As one of the points in the regional lane whose residents firmly hold their religious traditions, which stretched from Demak to Gresik, Tayu was a geographical background that greatly colored Bisri's later life outlook.

Bisri was born to Abd Shomad and Mariah. Bisri is the third child of five siblings. The five Bisri brothers consist of three brothers and two female sisters. Bisri was ultimately destined to be part of the historical process in developing Islamic teachings in the interior of East Java.

Besides being known as the founder of the Denanyar Islamic Boarding School, KH Bisri Syansuri was also one of the figures behind the birth and activeness of NU. KH Bisri Syansuri was also involved in the struggle to win and fill Indonesia's independence. (Syamsul Arifin / Kendi Setiawan)


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