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Since the time of independence until now, political chatter in Indonesia has not undergone so many changes, political discussion in Indonesia is still connected with that, even today as in its nadir.

As stated by the Chairperson of the Branch Office of the Human Resources Study and Development Institute (Lakpesdam) NU Banyumas Lutfi Makhasin in a Cangkriuk Corner PCNU discussion session at the Banyumas PCNU office page on Sunday (10/3) night.


“I think this is due to the existence of two residues, first because of the politics of the new order and secondly because of the spirit of religion without using religious basics,” he said.

The political residue of the new order, continued Lutfi Makhasin, caused that all existing camps were not completely clean or even related to the old discourse which was still reproduced again. Second, since the 80s there was a kind of spirit of greenization or religious spirit without going through the right path “I call it religiously without a note note, religious without footnotes or without a clear basis,” he continued.

It was said, they did not respect the authority of religion traditionally, did not even admit it. And the spirit of religion without a clear sanad or without a fote note is what the residue feels in these days. “This is probably what is referred to as sunatullah indeed we must go through this phase. But I am optimistic there is a positive future to always be reflective and aware of these two residues,” explained the lecturer at Unsoed Purwokerto.

Reflective awareness can not be started from sparkling spaces, but it could appear from dim spaces such as NU cangkruk and discussions like now.

In addition to the discussion, the cangkruk event held by three NU LTN institutions, Lesbumi, and Banypesas PCNU Lakpesdam that evening also presented prizes to the three winners of the biography writing and NU Banyumas site competition.

The competition which was held for three months received a quite positive response from the community. It was recorded that 20 written titles had been collected and had passed the selection to be published in book form.

This competition was according to Chairman of the NU Banyumas LTN Ahda Rudjito, in addition to efforts to document local NU leaders in Banyumas, as well as to encourage the creation of a culture of literacy in the NU community.

“Since we were used to oral traditions, this competition was our joint effort to document NU figures and sites in the Banyumas Regency,” he explained to . ( Kifayatul Ahyar / Muiz )


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