<pre>What if Detergent Odor Remains on the Clothes Rinsed from Unclean?


What is the Status of the Clothes Rinsed from Unclean with Detergent Odor Remnants?

Hygiene is something that is very concerned by Islam. One of them is the existence of the recitation of the najasah syllabus (eliminating unclean). Clothing that is to be used for prayer, must be pure from unclean.

It has become a very common thing in society when washing clothes, using detergent / laundry soap. Similarly, when removing unclean clothes, detergent cannot be released.


A common practice is that after removing the unclean form and its properties, it still leaves a smell of detergent used to eliminate impure forms and their properties. How is fiqh addressing such things?

As explained by the scholars, the procedure for removing uncleanness is to first remove the unclean form and its properties, including color, taste, and smell. After everything was lost, clothes in this context were only rinsed using clear water.

Then what if after rinsing, it still leaves a detergent odor? In the opinion of Sheikh Al-Thabalawi, the law is sacred. According to him, what becomes a benchmark is the loss of unclean and its properties so that the residual odor of detergent does not give any effect. Based on this opinion, clothing and water became sacred and were considered sufficient in removing unclean.

While in the view of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ramli, the status of the clothes remained unclean. According to him, in such conditions, unclean had mixed and merged into one with detergent.

Ar-Ramli analogous to this problem with the case of clothing that was screened with unclean dyes. According to Al-Ramli, the clothes cannot become holy until the smell of detergent disappears so that the rinsing water becomes completely clear. However, according to him, the law is forgiven for the level that is difficult to remove from the smell of detergent.

Sheikh Ali bin Ahmad Bashabrin Al-Hadhrami affirms:

قوله (مسألة) لو زالت النجاسة الطبلاوي وقال (م ر) لا تطهر حتى تصفو الغسالة إهـ

Meaning, “A problem. If unclean is lost with soap and still smells of soap, then it is holy. This was said by Sheikh At-Thabalawi. Whereas Imam Ar-Ramli said, it is not sacred until the rinsing becomes clear, “(See Shaykh Ali bin Ahmad Bashabrin Al-Hadhrami, Itsmidul 'Ainain fi Ba'dhi Ikhtilafis Syaikhaini page 12).

in other references mentioned:

قوله (فرع) إذا غسل ثوبا متنجسا بالصابون حتى زالت عين النجاسة قال م ر جوابا بالسؤال على الفور يصير لأثر الصابون حكم الصبغ فلا يطهر حتى تصفو الغسالة من لون الصابون مع عدم الزيادة ثم قال ينبغي أن المقدار الذي يشق استقصاؤه يكون معفوا عنه فليتأمل إهـ سم

Meaning, “Break the problem. If someone washes unclean clothes with soap until the unclean shape is gone, Imam Ar-Ramli answers the question quickly that the rest of the soap has the same law as the dye problem, so it is not pure until the rinse is clear from the color of the soap and does not increase in concentration. Then he said, should the level (remaining soap) which is difficult to try to lose the law is forgiven, “(See Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Jamal, Hasyiyatul Jamal 'ala Fathil Wahhab juz I, page 193)

explanation of this problem. As a result, on this issue scholars differed. We are allowed to follow each of the two opinions, while respecting and respecting each other.

It's just that, when washing laundry with detergent, it is best to use procedures agreed upon by the ulama. Because out of ikhtilaf the legal clerics are sunnah.

The most ideal and agreed upon procedure by the scholars is that after the form and the unclean properties disappear with detergent, the clothes are squeezed and rinsed with clear water until the smell of detergent disappears. After the smell of detergent is gone, just rinse it for the last time with clear water. Allah knows best [1945955]

Ustadz M Mubasysyarum Bih Board of Trustees of the Raudlatul Qur'an Boarding School, Geyongan Arjawinangun Cirebon West Java.

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