<pre>Bawaslu Collaborates with Ansor Central Lombok Declaration of Peaceful Elections


Central Lombok,

Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) of Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) together with Branch Leader (PC) Ansor Youth Movement (GP) held a Peaceful and dignified Election Declaration in Tastura Town Square Praya, Sunday (10/3).

The declaration of peaceful and dignified elections was considered important to continue to be campaigned for seeing public debates that were very intense and led to friction and also with various potential violations that could have occurred.


PC Chairperson Central Lombok Ansor GP Wahyu Satriadi said, the potential for friction could occur if you see the intensity of public debate. The debate does not only occur directly in open space but in the middle of the portion is much greater.

“Potential violations are also very possible to occur in various forms and ways,” he said.

His party assessed the declaration activities as proof that Ansor Lombok Central wants to get involved and be at the forefront of campaigning for peaceful and dignified elections. “Ansor Central Lombok will always be present for the creation of peaceful and dignified elections,” he explained.

Central Lombok Bawaslu HR Division Coordinator Usman Faisal invited the public to realize a peaceful-dignified election. According to him, the public must avoid utterances of hatred and spread information about hoaxes. “Hoaks and utterances of hatred will be very detrimental to the process of our democracy,” said the teacher of the Koran.

Usman reminded the public, to reject money politics and the politicization of SARA. “The politicization of SARA is very dangerous because it will have an impact on our relations and the future of our unity,” he added.

Usman also appealed to each State Civil Apparatus (ASN) not to join in in practical politics. The law has regulated the ASN and the state civil apparatus, if there is practical politics there are risks and sanctions.

At the end of the method, Usman Faisal who represented Central Lombok Bawaslu said that Central Lombok Bawaslu was determined and committed to carry out the election in accordance with the applicable legislation

The declaration of peaceful elections led by the Chairman of the Central Lombok Ansor GP ended with the reading of a joint declaration, followed by the handover of the Bawaslu flag from the Bawaslu to Central Lombok Ansor and the distribution of souvenirs to the community around the Tastura square.

Usman was also present in other Central Lombok Bawaslu members such as Baiq Husnawati, Harun Azwari, and all his staff. The event was also attended by the Supervisory Committee for sub-districts in Central Lombok and the ranks of the Ansor GP leaders. ( Hadi / Muiz )


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