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NU's Young Generation Must Equip themselves with Digital Insights




Digital literacy in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 must continue to be stirred up among young people. Therefore, the Branch Leader (PC) of the Nahdlatul Ulama (IPNU) Student Association and the Student Association of Putri Nahdlatul Ulama or IPPNU Jombang, East Java held a talkshow on literacy.

The speakers presented were Hasan Chabibie as an information technology activist, Ahmad Athoillah as Founder of Santri Milenial and Ahmad Karomi from the Regional Administrator (PW) Ta'lif Institute wan Nasyr NU (LTNNU) East Java.

The event took place at BKR Coffe Diwek, Jombang, is very gay and full of family. For H Hasan Chabibie who is also the former Chair of the Central Java PW IPU, the solidarity of the IPNU-IPPNU in Jombang deserves a thumbs up. “This is inseparable from the social culture of Jombang as the place where the NU chassis is located,” he said, Thursday (7/3).


H Ahmad Atoillah was very proud of the breakthroughs made in increasing creativity in the field of research. “This research is a capital to meet the 4.0 industrial revolution. Especially in the digital age, “said Gus Aik, his familiar greeting. Not to forget the increase in digital literacy must be encouraged, he continued.

“One of the recommendations of the NU Ulema and Konbes Alim National Conference in Banjar City is related to the 4.0 industrial revolution, which means the NU young generation must equip themselves with digital insights, including literacy, how read writing content to spread it, “he explained.

Referring to Jombang PCNU PC research data or called Jombang Research Center, student interest in reading books in Jombang reaches 35% and this cannot be said to be left behind. For Hasan Chabibie, this phenomenon cannot be denied because of the high dominance of devices in the community.

“Improving the literacy of reading interest in the community is not easy. There must be a kind of joint movement in the field of literacy. Evidently in 2016-2017 the level of interest in reading in Indonesia was ranked 60th, maybe 2018 was ranked in the 50s, “he explained.

A number of participants asked how to respond to hoax and speech of hatred.

“We do not want to be provoked by issues that are viral. There must be checks, and the experts are there,” said Ahmad Karomi.

In line with that, Hasan Chabibie suggested to netizens to taklid to one of the non-controversial figures such as Gus Mus, Nadirsyah Hosen, and others who are certainly more trustworthy.

Talkshow with the theme The Role of Millennials in Strengthening Digital-Based Literacy in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 prayers by Deputy PCNU Jombang KH Abdur Rosyid Hafidz from Pesantren Denanyar Jombang.

Just to note, IPNU and IPPNU Jombang have initiated a research program that is quite encouraging. “God willing, research conducted by IPPNU Jombang IPNU can be a kind of the next Alvara embryo,” said the Chair IPNU PC Jombang Ishomuddin Haidar. ( Ibn Nawawi [19459954])

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