Beranda Nahdlatul Ulama English Pekalongan Muslimat declares war on Hoaks

Pekalongan Muslimat declares war on Hoaks

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The ranks and members of NU Muslimat Pekalongan City, Central Java, declared war on hoaxes, indignation and slander. Because it can damage the joints of life in society, nation, and state.

It was stated in the antihoax declaration, repentance, and slander which was read by the Chairperson of NU's Muslimat Branch, Hj Nur Hikmah in the Maulidurrasul event, as well as a warning to Harlah -73 Muslimat NU at Aswaja Building, Pekalongan City, Thursday (7/3).

“We reject hox, slander, and rage that can trigger national disputes and divisions,” he said, imitated by thousands of Muslim women who packed the arena of the Aswaja building.

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The Branch Manager of Muslimat will not make and spread false news, utterances hatred, slander, and haste. But it will cultivate filtering before spreading the information received and positive thinking to strengthen ukhuwah and national unity.

When delivering his remarks, Nur Hikmah invited members who work as teachers to equip their students about ahlussunnah wal jamaah. “Don't let our children be exposed to radicalism,” he said.

Pekalongan Mayor HM Saelany Machfudz appreciated NU's Muslim steps to declare antihoax. According to him, this is a resistance movement that brings better direction. “This is great if all elements, all mass organizations, all groups, all said that they are antihoax, I think this is a resistance to the many hoaks that exist on social media,” he explained.

Related to the upcoming April 17 election, the Mayor invited all parties to maintain harmony and a conducive atmosphere in Pekalongan City. “Different political choices are normal. Even so, we guard together so that Pekalongan City remains conducive. “

In a release received Friday (8/3), Chairperson of the Committee Harlah Muslimat Parlinah explained, if the series of activities began with prayer, prayer and tahlil. “We pray for the NU fighters, while praying for the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia to become a country that is Baldatun Thayyibatun wa Rabbun Ghafur ,” he said.

Parlinah did not expect thousands of Muslim women to attend the event. , whereas there are not many invitations shared. “The spirit of Muslim women is amazing,” he said.

With the enthusiasm of Muslimat mothers attending the harlah, Parlinah who is also the PC Secretary of Muslimat hopes that Muslimat will become an independent and down-to-earth organization so that it will provide more benefits to the community. ( Red: Muiz

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