<pre>Researching the Role of Muslims in Elections, This University from Singapore Visit NU Demak


The administrators of the Demak District Nahdlatul Ulama Branch, Central Java received a visit from the Rajaratnam School Of International Studies at Nanyang Technological University Singapore (RSIS NTU), Thursday (7/3) afternoon. The delegation was led by Prof. Leonard Sebastian and accompanied by Syafiq Hasyim from the PBNU and his entourage from Jakarta.

The delegation was received by NU Demak Branch Managers including H Abdurrahman Kasdi, H Abdullah Zaini, A. Shiddiq S, K. ​​Yatin Ch, and Khoiri . Attending the meeting was one of the Demak KPU commissioners, Nur Hidayah.

According to Prof. Leonard Sebastian, the main agenda of the visit was to conduct research and find out the role of Muslims in the 2019 election democratic party and discuss the development of elections especially in Central Java Province

“That the position of Muslims in the 2019 Election is very strategic, especially voters from NU. So that this opportunity needs to be utilized as well as possible, “he said.


While Syafiq Hayim explained that the group would make visits in several regions which were the basis of Muslim voters, Demak was chosen because of the strong NU congregation and jam'iyyah in the Wali City.

“We and the entourage will travel around the base of the largest Muslim voters, especially the NU base to find out more,” he explained.

Representing the Chairman of the Demak PCNU, H. Abdurohman Kasdi said, Demak was a peaceful city, with voters The majority of the students are santri, this is due to the breadth in understanding religion and culture that developed in Demak.

The conditions in Demak, according to him, are satisfying in facing this election. Information on taxation in Demak is clearly not going to sell anymore. determine the typology of santri and Muslim voters.

“NU in Demak is very well established, santri are still obedient and obedient to their kings, so they don't easily wobbled with information on tax information, he said. (A. Siddiq Sugiarto / Muhammad Faizin)


This Article was Published On: NU Online

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