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Chairperson of the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU) KH Said Aqil Siroj called on Muslims to be proud of their religion. Especially for nahdliyin. This is because Islam has many advantages over other religions. One of them is Islamic excellence in the methodology of understanding the texts of the Qur'an and Al-Hadith.

“We must be proud of the Islamic treasures that we have, namely the understanding of religion inherited by ulama. Muslims have a methodology of understanding texts. “This is not shared by other religions. They only read the scriptures,” he said while attending KH Bisri Syansuri's 40th Haul at the Mamba'ul Ma'arif Denanyar Islamic Boarding School, Jombang, East Java, Thursday (7/3) night. 19659003] It is said, in Islam there is a science that discusses the Qur'an relating to verses which are khos, mutasyabibah, muqayyad, meaning intrinsic, majazi, muhakamah. In other languages ​​Islam examines whether this verse means absolute, metaphorical, special, absolute, or non-absolute.


“Non-Muslims do not have this knowledge. It is in pesantren, with the name of ushul fiqh. We must be proud because pesantren have knowledge in depth. Muslims other than pesantren and Nahdlatul Ulama rarely study this knowledge, “added the alumni of the Lirboyo Islamic Boarding School.

Kiai Said explained, the science of ushul fiqh is very important for people who want to explore Islam in a perfect way. As a guideline in speaking, behaving, and understanding the holy verses.

“Understanding the Qur'an without ushul fiqh is wrong. If there is anyone who explores Islam without ushul fiqh, it can go wrong. Later it can be wrong, verse Al- The Al-Isra Qur'an was added to 176 and interpreted Arabic as inconsequential. The model like this might be the religion of a lightning pesantren, “said Kiai Said.

It was explained, besides the methodology of understanding the text or the word of God. Islam also has a methodology for understanding the hadith, a statement, a decision, an act that is based on the apostle.

Then the saheeh hadith, hasan, hasan lighorihi, daif. This is not in other religions. Then there is the best level of hadith, namely the hadith which contains commands or prohibitions directly from the Prophet Muhammad, the editors are like the Prophet Muhammad and Amara Rasulallah.

The weight of the hadith on the second level is that which says I am with the messenger, we are with the Prophet in certain events. In Arabic it usually uses the word kunna ma'a rasulallah. It is only at the third level, that is the hadith that uses the editorial, I see the Prophet (roaitu rasulallah) do this or that.

“Number four hadith, namely the hadith that uses the editor” from Pulan bin Pulan, has said Prophet Muhammad SAW about a problem, “explained Kiai Said.

Not stopping there, Kiai Said also explained at length in terms of narrating khabar and hadith Islam have a method in which the narrator of a hadith must be muttasil, fair, tsiqah (intelligent) and trustworthy, even Imam Bukhori requires the muttasil fizaman (living at the same time) and muttasil filing (being on the scene).

“In terms of the weight of the hadith is the knowledge that discusses whether this hadith is mutawatir, famous, aziz or ahad. This knowledge in the book musthalah hadith, “he said.

With the power of knowledge in Islam, the alumni of Ummul Qura University regretted that there were still many Muslims who did not believe in the greatness of Islam, especially the Islamic boarding schools which studied the knowledge of ushul fiqh and hadith

“We must be proud of this, we really understand it and we protect it. Must be confident with this. I advised, even though the pesantren are now going forward, but do not abandon ushul fiqh lessons. Study this knowledge in a lower book called Lataiful Isyarah, rise again, there is Ghoyatul Usul, then Kitab Jam'ul Jawami, “said Kiai Said.

Also present in this haul is Rais' PBNU Aam KH Miftahul Akhyar, Deputy Caregiver of Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School KH Abdul Hakim Mahfudz, and KH Agoes Ali Masyhuri. Also attended were Chair of East Java DPRD Halim Iskandar and Deputy Chairperson of the Republic of Indonesia MPR Muhaimin Iskandar and thousands of santri and pilgrims (Syarif Abdurrahman / Muiz )


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