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Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Rini Soemarno visited Pondok Buntet Islamic Boarding School, Cirebon, West Java, Thursday (7/3). On his visit that time, Rini conveyed her success tips so far that she can be trusted to assist the president in managing 143 state-owned companies.

First, said Rini, work must focus on the area being worked on. All things, to the smallest, according to him, must be considered really. Because, big stones must be seen, while small stones often make people slip.


“If we work, we must focus, work hard, be honest, disciplined, and have high integrity,” he said at Mbah Muqoyyim Sports Center, Buntet Pesantren, Cirebon, West Java.

His attention to detail, he learned from childhood. Rini said that when she was in school, she worked to clean the toilet to get a dollar. “I was cleaning the toilet when I was a kid. I used to go to school outside. If I cleaned the toilet, I got one dollar,” he recalled.

In addition, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Indonesia 2001-2004 also revealed that all depend on Allah SWT. Therefore, as smart and smart, we, Rini said, must always pray and be grateful for what they receive. “Whatever, without the prayer of Pak Kiai, without my friends' prayers, I might not be here,” he said.

Finally, Rini also said that in doing work, we must be able to balance the brain and heart. This was what he emphasized to the ranks of his deputies and directors.

Rini's presence was not new to the people and students of Buntet. Frequently, the General Chair of the Pondok Buntet Islamic Boarding School Foundation (YLPI) KH Adib Rofiuddin said that Rini was considered a Buntet resident.

“Pondok Buntet Islamic Boarding School felt proud because we considered him not someone else. Mrs. Rini was a Buntet citizen. other people, “said Kiai Adib.

Submission of tips for success was asked directly by Kiai Adib, when he delivered his remarks, in order to motivate the santri. “I beg you to give me the tricks of success for the mother. Let the students of the santri be imitated, imitate and become uswatun hasanah for the future,” said Mustasyar, the Executive Board of the Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU).

pleased with his presence with a group of deputies and directors. Besides being able to get success tips, some of the hundreds of students who attended also received prizes from one of President Jokowi's mainstay women. There are those who get 100 thousand rupiahs up to 500 thousand rupiahs. ( Syakir NF / Muiz )


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