<pre>NU Depok Invites Communities to Function Mosques as Conditioning for People



The administrators of the Depok City Nahdlatul Ulama Branch (PCNU) invited all elements of society, including the preacher, dai, and khotib to function as mosques as a means of cooling people's lives.

“The Ummah is divided because of political differences. We hope that returning to the mosque can strengthen ukhuwah Islamiyah and nationality. In mosques, worship can be comfortable without any division,” he said, Head of Depok City PCNU, Ustadz Achmad Solechan last week.


Training and Management activities of the DKM Management Mosque in Tapos Subdistrict Depok, West Java themed Revitalizing the Role and Function of the Mosque as the Center for Spreading Islam Rahmatan lil 'Alamin

According to him, it was time for the mosque administrators and the khotib to be deliver dimensionless material to strengthen brotherhood. In other words, he continued, prioritizing da'wah with gentleness and rahmatan lil 'alamin.

“Of course with good management of mosque management it will affect the empowerment of the people. The Mosque Management Training Program held by NU Depok is around 11 Subdistricts,” he explained. 19659003] He added a number of materials given to the Muhammadiyah or DKM administrators such as mosque management, strategies to prosper the mosque, Aswaja etc. Not only stopped training, he also held a clean Clean Mosque (BBM) program around the Depok mosque.

“Every day the Depok PCNU BBM team will go around cleaning the Depok mosques every day. only that, in the future NU Depok will also hold a training program on the Tahfidz Al-Qur'an, “he said.

Chairman of the Depok LTMNU Rudi S. Halimi revealed that the event was attended by representatives of 30 mosques in Tapos District. He hoped the current training could provide debriefing for the administrators.

“The hope is that the DKM Managers participating in this training can empower mosques in Tapos Subdistrict,” he hoped.

On this occasion the speakers were from the PCNU and LTMNU teams in Depok City. After the program continued with the Participant's Follow-Up Plan. (Aan Humaidi / Fathoni)


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